Mar 24, 2013

Math 1010 (Intermediate Algebra) - Review 1A

Review 1A has problems derived from portions 1 and 2 of the outline; revisit the outline as needed. If you click on the problem's number you will see a YouTube video of me going through and solving the problem.

Review 1

SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question.

Solve the equation.
1) -2(x+9)-(-3x-3)=-4
2) 17x+10(x+1)=27(x+1)-17

Write the inequality in interval notation and graph on a real number line.
3) x>-5
4) -2<x<=2

Translate the English statement into a mathematical statement. Do no solve.
5) Two times a number, decreased by 4 is 5 less than the number.

6) Two-fifths of a number, increased by twice the difference of the number and 3, is more than 14.

Solve the formula for the specified variable.
7) P=2L+2W for L
8) F=(9/5)C+32 for C

Solve the inequality. Graph the solution set and write it in interval notation.
9) 8x+1>=7x+3
10) -2(2x+11)<-6x-4
11) 9x-6<=2x-15
Solve for y.
12) 2x-7y=6

13) A salesman earns $200 weekly plus 5% commission on his weekly sales. If he wants to make at least $740 in a week, how much must his sales be?

14) A rectangular carpet has a perimeter of 266 inches. The length of the carpet is 95 inches more than the width. Find the dimensions of the carpet.

15) A chemist needs 140 milliliters of a 52% solution but has only 40% and 68% solutions available. Find how many milliliters of each that should be mixed to get the desired solution.

16) A train leaves a town traveling at a speed of 16 miles per hour. Thirty minutes later another train, traveling at 64 miles per hour, leaves the same town in the same direction on a parallel track. How long will it take this train to catch up?

Provide an appropriate response.
17) Plot the following ordered pairs in the same xy-plane. Tell in which quadrant or on what coordinate axis each point lies. A(3,-6), B(0,-2), C(1,0), D(2,1), E(-2,-3), F(-2,4)

18) Determine whether the ordered pair is a point on the graph of the equation
a. (3,4)  b.(3,-4)  c.(4,4)
Graph the equation by plotting points.
19) y=2x-8
20) y=4x^2
Provide an appropriate response
21) Identify the intercepts from the graph below.
Graph the linear equation, using any appropriate method.
22) x-y=2
23) 3x+2y=0
24) 4x-6y=24
25) (1/4)x+(1/3)y=1
26) x=3
27) y=5

Provide an appropriate response.

28) Find the slope of the line containing the points (3,-1) and (13,-5).

29) Draw a graph of the line that contains the point (3,2) and has a slope of -3/4. Do not find the equation of the line.

30) Determine whether the graphs of the following pair of linear equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither
Find the equation of the line with the given properties. Express your answer in slope-intercept form.
31) Through the point (-5,8) and having a slope of -2

32) Through the points (-1,1) and (-4,-5).

33) Parallel to 8x+y=2 and through points (4,-5)

34) Perpendicular to x-3y=3 and through the point (4,-2)

Provide an appropriate response.
35) Determine whether (-6,3) is a solution to the linear inequality
Graph the linear inequality.
36) y<=-4x-3
37) 4x-5y>=0
38) x-y>-2
39) x>4
40) y>=1
Provide an appropriate response.
 41) Identify the domain and the range of the relation, and determine whether relation represents a function or not. Explain why or why not.
{(3,18), (4,24), (5,30), (6,36)}
42) Identify the domain and range of the relation from the graph.

43) Graph the relation y=(x^2)-4 by plotting points. Use the graph of the relation to identify the domain and range.

Determine whether the relations represent functions. Identify the domain and range of each relation.
Provide an appropriate response
46) Does the equation y=+-3x represent a function?
47) For f(x)= -5x+11, find f(x+h)
48) For f(x)(x^2)+3x-6, find f(-1)
49) Sketch the graph of f(x)=(x^2)-3
50) Find the domain of f(x)= -12/(x+8)
51) h(x)= -2x+11
a. Is the point (4,3) on the graph of the function?
b. If x=5, what is h(x)?  What point is on the graph of the function?
c. If h(x)=11, what is x? What point is on the graph of h?
d. What is the zero of h?
52) Solve: |6x+9|-8=0

Solve the inequality. Graph the solution set and write it in interval notation.
53) -9x>-18 and x+9>7
54) -2x<=-6 or 3x>9x-6
55) |7k-5|-4<3
56) |5k-9|>=7

Times and results
Attempt 1: 2 hrs 14 mn = 76%
Attempt 2: 1 hrs 37 mn = 91%
Attempt 3: 1 hrs 14 mn = 93%
Now: less than 1 hr = close to 100%.

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