Nov 11, 2012

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - GRAW 2 Gaming Freezes

I have not gone into a lot of detail regarding the X230T's gaming graphics capabilities. Of course, the X230T can handle many 3D games (2, 3), but don't expect the 12.5" convertible to be an "Alienware" gaming system.

Every once in a while I play GRAW 2, but NOT with the X230T. As the video shows, the X230T's Intel HD 4000 graphics do not work well with this game. The problem may not be on the GPU side as the game's graphics are not intense, but maybe they are a game engine related issue.

If you want to do hardcore 3D gaming you can use a ViDock, although setting it up is a hassle and it can be expensive.

While previous convertible tablets have offered discrete graphics, such as the HP TM2 and Fujitsu LifeBook T901, I hoped that the X230T would have that option. The Intel HD 4000 graphics are an improvement over the previous generation in the X220T, but in my opinion is not enough.

If Lenovo made a X230T with discrete graphics I would most likely buy it. I don't like having multiple systems, a ViDock, and more and more and more stuff! I just want a single almighty powerful system. ;)

As those Windows 8 tablets begin to fill the market... companies will need to differentiate their systems from the competition. In due time there will be a "Windows 8 convertible gaming tablet." Hopefully many of the X230T's qualities such as docking and digitizer input will be present. We'll have to wait and see.


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