Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Speakers & Dolby Advanced Audio v2

Gear/links: X230T Accessories, Dolby Advanced Audio v2, Mackie MR5.

When I saw the first images of the X230T I thought the speakers where going to be total crap. The speakers are located on the screen's bezel, which makes them tiny. Luckily Lenovo got a bit smart and added Dolby Advanced Audio V2.

The Dolby audio gives some nice thickness to the feel of the audio quality. In my opinion the results are better than what the X220T delivered. Thumbs up to Lenovo and Dolby for this move

Now the Dolby audio is good in the X230T's speakers, headphones/earphones and I assume most normal consumer speakers.   However, in studio monitor speakers like the Mackie MR5 the audio will feel very "bassy" and I would recommend turning the Dolby audio off.

Of course you can switch among different preset profiles, and tweak them. You can also make your own profiles.

To access the Dolby panel do this:
  • Press Win key and type "Dolby".
    • You will see two options, one is the panel/program and the other is a demo.
  • Once in the program you can turn it on/off by clicking the upper left corner button.

It's a neat addition to the X230T that reminds me of the "Beats by Dre" in HP laptops. It does make the laptop speakers seem better.


Published: Jun 21, 2012

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