PC GRAW 2 - Mission 03 - Welcome To Juarez (Hardcore)

Alt video. Gear: GRAW2

Getting all the Special Achievements can be very hard, and sometimes impossible. In this mission you can get all Special Achievements, but it will require some good sniping skills.

Ensure that your team does not have 203 grenade launchers, which can alert enemy.

Some tips:
  • Your tasks:
    • Only take shots that will kill instantly.
    • Use sniper rifle and take advantage of distance.
    • Use smoke so your Ghosts are not "overwhelmed".
    • Take down tanks as soon as possible.
    • Use the tactical map to identify enemy positions.
    • Move other friendly support units (ie friendly tank) to take down enemy.
  • Use the team wisely
    • To flank enemy.
    • To ambush enemy.
    • To cover your movements.
    • To cover other Ghosts moving.
    • Ghost cannot shoot accurately while moving, so set them and let the enemy be the ones moving.
    • Do not make Ghosts move far distances (when area isn't secure)
  • Support/Gunner tasks
    • This guy can suppress the enemy at close and far distances.
    • Use him to move around corners.
  • Demo and Rifleman tasks
    • Keep general security.
    • Keep security for Support/Gunner while he reloads.
    • Can be used to take down few soldiers (flanking).
    • When 203 is enabled they can take down groups of enemy.

If your Ghosts kill a good amount of enemy, and you get enough "Instant kills" then you may get the Black Ops achievement.

Black Ops requires a high percentage of "Stealth", which on this mission is doable. In other missions Black Ops is impossible to get.

Hope that helps!


Published: May 25, 2012

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