PC GRAW 2 - Mission 02 - Recon In Force (Hardcore)

Alt video. Gear: GRAW2

This is the second mission of the game and to get all Achievements and have a S (Perfect Mission) is hard. The tactics used when playing Hardcore change a lot, when compared to Easy settings. Usually hardcore missions require more patience, timing attacks, knowing approximately where the enemy will be located, and many other small details.

Sometimes you have to use the team, sometimes you can go "solo". It really depends on the situation and you have to know some of the AI behavior (sometimes it's terrible and sometimes is good) The team is very useful when lots of enemy are approaching. The best way to use them is to move them, set them, and let the enemy come to you.

The video has more details and hopefully it gives you some ideas on how to complete the mission.


Published: May 12, 2012

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