Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - End Post And Links

And so my Lenovo S10-3T was sold and I could not create more original content. I spent many months with the S10-3T and hopefully the posts and videos will help many S10-3T owners.


I did contact Lenovo and managed to borrow a Lenovo X201 Tablet, and did create a new blog about that tablet. Without the influence of the S10-3T blog Lenovo might have not loaned me one. The X201T was at least 3x the price of the S10-3T, so not many people could get their hands on it. The S10-3T blog continues to be the top Google search results. As you may have seen all of the posts on the S10-3T blog have been converted and updated to this blog. The S10-3T is a fun little machine. Enjoy!

The Last 7 Days With My S10-3T
I posted my S10-3T up on eBay. I have mentioned before that I was going to sell it but I didn't want to do it, but in the end I had to. I have needed to raise capitol for future projects and to pay bills, and since I'm not sponsored by any company I must sacrifice my S10-3T. (Like a sacrificial Mayan ritual).


So... Now that it's up there I have 7 days for any comments or questions specific to the S10-3T. I'll try to make videos about it as much as I can. After that I'll leave the wealth of knowledge of the blog up online. Thanks to generous and numerous (like 5) donations this blog will be able to exist for the next year, or two. Thank you to the donors for the support!!!

Hopefully I don't break the system before the final sale date. If you are interested in the star of this blog then you can get it! It's like a celebrity item. ;-)


Published: Mar 6, 2012

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