Mar 12, 2012

The Curved Ultra Wide Monitor (total immersion!)

Ostendo CRVD Monitor. (want!)

Currently I have 2 monitors and frankly I would rather have 1 monitor with a very wide aspect ratio.  Years ago I saw several curved and wide monitors from NEC and Alienware, but these were just the Ostendo CRVD 43 inch curved monitor rebranded.

The resolution of the Ostendo CRVD is 2880 by 900 pixels (32:10 aspect ratio), which is not great but it's ok.  It does offer a good response time of .02 ms.  You might have seen this monitor before, it used to be called the "Alienware monitor", which made a lot of buzz around 2010.

Of course the CRVD is pricey, heavy, requires the user to be in the center to reduce the effects of vertical lines in the projections, doesn't have a 120Hz refresh rate, and I doubt you will find it at any store.

Currently having an ultrawide setup can be accomplished with 2 or 3 monitors or projectors. It would be a lot less money, and you would get a much higher resolution. This setup would also need a good gaming computer with a powerful graphics card. Of course the "immersion" would be destroyed by the monitor bezels or vertical lines in projections.

Another way to get a high resolution is by getting a 30 inch monitor, which may have a resolution of up to 2560 x 1600. Of course these 30 inch monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:10, which is wide but NOT "ultra wide". These big 30 inch monitors sell for $800 to $1,500.  The 43 inch CRVD used to be priced around $6,500 (E), and maybe prices have changed.

Many tech companies are working on thinner and flexible displays (1, 2, 3, 4). One day we might have some super thin, ultra wide, and cheap displays at our homes.

You can check some more images and videos about these neat monitors.  Enjoy!


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