Samsung Series 7 Slate - Windows Experience Index (WEI)

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For those interesting in knowing numbers the Windows Experience Index can give you some idea of how the Samsung Series 7 Slate will perform. The lowest score is 4.4 thanks to Graphics (Intel HD 3000), and it's best score is 7.5 on the fast SSD.

Check Your WEI:
  • Hit Windows key.
  • Type "check the windows experience index".
  • Click "Re-run the assessment link (lower right).

Ensure that you re-check your WEI to refresh the scores or else you will see the crappy default scores as shown on the image below.

The Intel Core i5-2467m CPU is an interesting topic on the Series 7 Slate. Here's a few messages that you may want to check.

i watched a video here on youtube on this machine. the language was chinese - i think - but his point was clear. he stressed the cpu with multiple calculation programs at once and the processor would not max out in clock speed under such a heavy load. it wasn't until he poured liquid nitrogen into a pan and sat the slate over the pan to cool off that the cpu speed increased to 1600. the cpu speed was on auto pilot. the clock speed remained in the 700s until the temperature dropped. interesting!

My Reply
700 to 800 Mhz is what it will be at mos of the time. During some file load operations the system will go up to 1600 to 1800, although the behavior isn't consistent. I'm yet to see the 2300 Mhz speeds that are advertised. I saw the video and that shows a better consistent behavior when cooled. On other systems like the Lenovo X220 there has been reports of similar behavior. One fix is through the bios... which I may try later on, although it drains the battery a lot quicker.

Some of the newer BIOS versions increase the WEI.
  • Processor: 6.2
  • Memory (RAM): 5.9
  • Graphics: 4.4
  • Gaming graphics: 5.6
  • Primary Hard Disk: 7.6


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