Reorganization 2012

I detest clutter, and clutter and disorganization in the digital world is extremely easy to do. We can keep adding, and adding, and adding more stuff, and then use the "search" functions to find everything we need. It's convenient to do this at the beginning, but once there's too much to handle there's need for a very good cleanup.

During the past few days I have reorganized my emails and online accounts so I can manage and track things better. In the process of exploring the internet and just living I have accumulated over 60 accounts to all kinds of sites, forums, Q&A sites, services, emails, etc. I’ll begin the process of eliminating some of these accounts and narrow things to only the essentials.

From 2002 to 2012 I have accumulated over 25,000 email messages, they have now been eliminated. Some things were very valuable and some were not, but since they are now deleted I won’t know. Life goes on an I’ll most likely accumulate digital messages again, but now I’ll manage them differently.

“oldish” blogs may be eliminated, and some of the contents of those blogs will be added to this blog to preserve what may be valuable to some people. Content from and will be added to this blog.

While this reorganization occurs there will not be "new" content on this blog. I'm hoping to get the job done within a week or two [update: maybe more time will be needed]. I'll try not to break the original links and reroute visitors to this blog.


A little cleanup is good for keeping good sanity levels. ;)



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