Dec 1, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - ToDo App

The ToDo and Calendar Apps are probably among the better apps that the Samsung Series 7 Slate has to offer. The ToDo App allows you to add items to lists which can help you keep track of things.

  • Works well in landscape or portrait modes.
  • Priority and items with due dates are displayed in Touch Launcher
  • Different item "sorting" views.
    • All - displays all items completed or not
    • Ongoing - items that are not marked as completed
    • Done - completed items
  • You can add and view items by groups.
  • Items are searchable.
  • Can synchronize with the Calendar apps (requires due date on the item).
  • Has several backup options (backup, restore, etc).
  • Creating new todo item allows:
    • Title
    • Memo
    • Due day
    • Done
    • Important
    • Group

Overall this is a very simple but functional app. So far I have not seen any problems with it. I think Samsung did a fine job with this one.

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