Dec 1, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Calendar App

Do you keep track of events in a paper based calendar? If you do you may also like the Calendar App. If you use something like Google Calendar then you can also synchronize it with this app. If you place the tablet next to your main computer (as I do) it can help you keep track of the day's events.

  • Multiple calendars supported
    • Local calendars ( and ToDo)
    • Google Calendars
  • Settings
    • Manage Calendars
      • Title
      • Color
      • Set as default
    • Google Sync
      • Login to Google Account
      • Sync period specification
      • Sync
    • Customize
      • New event duration (30 min, 1 hour)
      • First weekday
      • Date format
      • Time format (12 hr, 24 hr)
      • Default view (day, week, month, list)
      • Lunar Calendar
    • Database
      • Backup
      • Restore
      • Reset Calendar
      • Reset all calendar and settings
  • Different Views
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • List - shows all events
  • New Event
    • Title
    • Calendar List
    • All day event
    • Start and End
    • Location
    • Attendant (sends email to notify of event)
    • Memo
    • Alarm (system must be on)
      • 15 min, 30 min
      • 1 hour, 2 hours
      • The day before
    • Repeat
      • Every day, week, month, year
    • Icon (birthday, coffee, movie, dinner, etc)

If you use the ToDo app you may notice that the "ToDo Calendar" displays white text on a white background, and that is a bad move. We can only hope that Samsung updates the software and fixes that inconvenience.

Overall a very good app.


  1. Only thing lacking is a way to see what week it is

    1. Maybe Samsung could add that feature through an update. I'm not sure where you could request it. (1m)