Dec 12, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Reset Methods

During my first video of the Series 7 Slate Windows decided to run 33 updates. After many hours of the screen displaying the same text I realized that it might have gotten stuck. I had to reset my tablet. With the Series 7 Slate there are software and hardware reset methods.

Software Reset Method
If the system is fully functional and Windows is responsive you can just hit the Windows key and "Restart" or "Shut down" the system. This is obviously the easiest method.

Hardware Reset Methods
There are two hardware reset methods. The first one is using the On/Off Power button, and the second method is by using the Emergency Battery Hole. These hardware methods are to be used in case the system is extremely slow or freezes up; use them only if you cannot reset your system through the Software Reset Method.

On/Off Power Button Method
Press and hold the power button until the system shuts down (LED light turns off). Release the button and wait a second. Press the power button again and that should begin the boot up process.

Emergency Battery Hole Method
This method involves cutting off power completely from the system. Unplug the power adapter, insert a paper clip into the Emergency Battery Hole and release once the system is off (it should be close to instant).  Now that the system is off reconnect the power cable and press the On/Off Power Button.

If you press the On/Off Power Button while the power cable is not connected the system will NOT turn on. So make sure to reconnect the power cable.

Most of the time restarting and shutting down the system through software will work fine. The hardware methods may be necessary when Windows is being very slow or freezes up. Hopefully this post helps out if you are having problems.

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