Dec 13, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Get More Storage Space

Disk Cleanup
Uninstall Programs
microSDXC Cards
Compress Drive

Compress Drive Images

Boogie at the Samsung Q&A posted this question:
"I have a 64GB Samsung XE700T1A-A05US Series 7 Slate, after installing the software I have less than 30GB left. How do I reclaim more drive space."

Some suggestions:
  • Run Disk Cleanup
  • Uninstall programs you don't want or need
  • Use a microSD card for files
  • Compress the drive to save space

My recommendation is to do the first three. The compression takes a bit more work from the CPU... so use it as a last resort.


This is a very easy and safe method which allows you to permanently remove temporary and recycle bin itemss. Every PC user should run this program every once in a while.

How to Run Disk Cleanup:
  • Click Win key, type "Disk Cleanup" and open it.
  • Check the boxes of all the categories you want to delete.
  • Click "OK" button


If you have programs that you do not need or want you can easily remove them. Ensure that you know which programs you are removing. There's nothing worse than accidentally removing programs or program components.

How to uninstall programs:
  • Click Win key, type "uninstall a program" and open it.
  • Select the program you want to remove
  • Click on "Uninstall"

By removing programs that you do not need or want you will free a few GB of space.


If you have big collections of music, video, or documents getting a microSD card will probably be your best solution. Since the microSD card can be added to the top of the system this is one of the easiest methods. There's microSDHC cards (max 32GB), and then there are microSDXC cards (64GB up to 2TB). You can view some of the technical differences at Wiki - Secure Digital.

You could use one of those small USB thumb/flash drives, but something sticking out of your system is not very sexy. ;)


By using compression you can save a bunch of space. There are downfalls to this that you must be aware of. By compressing the disk drive your CPU will now have to work on compressing and decompressing files every time it needs to access them. Basically your system will be slower when compared to systems that have not been compressed, but it will have more drive space.

To compress the drive:
  • Click the Windows icon
  • Click on "Computer"
  • Right click on your C:\ drive icon and click "Properties"
  • Check the box that says "Compress this drive to save disk space"
  • Click "Apply"

If some files cannot be compressed ensure that you click on "Ignore All" when prompted. It may take several hours before the compression of the drive is completed. One change that you will notice is that compressed files will have blue links.

Before compress: 17.5GB free storage
After compression: 22.6GB free storage
Difference: 5.1GB


  1. Hey Jesse,

    You talk about a MicroSDXC card but the picture is of a standard-sized non-micro SDXC card.


  2. I'm extremely sorry about that. I will correct it now.

  3. about sdxc: i've tested the sandisk 64GB class 6, and S7S just 'see' 30Mo...

  4. Try formatting it to NTFS.

    Some have reported 64GB SDXC cards working on the Series 7 Slate:

  5. Hey Jesse.
    First of all, I would like to thank your videos. They have helped me get to know my slate better and quicker thank i would have by just exploring the device myself.
    I have a quick question. what is the difference in "classes" between micro SD cards (class 4, 10 etc)? Does this number have to do with reliability?
    Also, it would be helpful if you can post another video of getting all the bloatware that you don't need in the slate. I already uninstalled yahoo stocks and the swipe keyboard among others that i don't really need. I have an iPhone, so i don't really need all hose "mobile" apps on two devices.
    Some are obvious, but others i am afraid to uninstall because i think they might harm the machines performance if i dont know what i am removing.
    This would be beneficial to all that have a 64GB slate. I'll be looking forward to that video. =)
    thanks again

  6. The sd card classes indicate transfer speeds. The higher the class the faster the card is. This is important to know because some electronics (usually video cameras) need faster speeds for writing and reading.

    I can't make any more videos of the Series 7 Slate because I don't have the tablet anymore. I had to return it because economically I could not keep it.

    1. I see,

      Thanks a lot. Hope you make other helpful videos.

    2. I have a few ideas flowing through the brain, most which will never come to life. But I'll make something.