Sep 12, 2011

MayFlash - Wii Classic Controller To PC USB Adapter

Gear: MayFlash Adapter, Wii Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro.

Every once in a while I love to play some classic N64 and GBA games with my laptops. For some reason I don't find playing with a keyboard as enjoyable as a game controller.  So I ventured into checking several options.

The plan was to get a Logitech gamepad or that cool Razer controller, but those are a bit expensive.  So... since I have a few Wii controllers sitting around doing nothing I decided to get an adapter.  I found an adapter for the controllers called "MayFlash Wii Classic Controller to PC USB Adapter" (what a short name right?)

After spending a few hours playing Tactics Ogre Knights of Lodis I think the adapter is very responsive.  I do like how it does allow connection of two Classic Controllers at the same time.  It's time to get Super Smash for the N64 to play some multiplayer!

  • 2x controller support
  • 6 foot long cable
  • Pressure sensitivity supported with Classic Controller

If you want to throw in the "green" spin this is great stuff.  Reusing stuff is as "green" as it's going to get. Overall I think this is a good deal for the $7 spent.




  1. I just want to let everyone here know that Mayflash has just released the wireless version of the Wii Classic Controller USB adapter, yes it is HID and plug & play, and yes it will work with PS3.




    The unit takes 3 triple A batteries (despite the little mix-up on the packaging that says Double A's).


    For the moment, the adapter can be bought for $17.90 w/ free shipping on Ebay, but that price may be subject to change.

  2. Replies
    1. http://www.mayflash.com/Products/NINTENDOWiiU/W009.html

      It looks as though this page is just a placeholder and this device has not actually been released yet (I don't see it on Amazon or Ebay, their usual avenues for selling) I don't know if I'll be getting one, given the rather steep cost of the Wii U Pro controllers. But still, the idea is pretty cool. They've also got a similar adapter for PS3 controllers.


      I already have their wireless adapter for the original flatties (and old Wii Pro) controllers,(which I mentioned on here in a prior post...) and I'm pretty happy with its performance. Other people say they experience problems, but I don't get those... but then again, I also just use Joy2Key and ignored the supplied software disc. The idea of using the Pro, which is totally wireless, seems pretty cool though... but I'd have to hold one in my hands and be able to judge the build quality before I'd even consider paying $50 for one to use on my PC.


      The descrip on their site also says that it has a DirectInput mode, I'll go out on a limb and assume that means that it can still function as a regular Windows HID device likeprior models for the old original Wii controllers.

    2. Is there a way to reconfigure this for use with come PC games like Team Fortress 2? I feel it's more comfortable to play games using a controller rather than a keyboard.

  3. Check out my vid on YT (WiiClassi2USB) and see the descrip for a link to my custom Joy2Key profiles. Maybe buy one for yourself and do a review?

  4. will this work on xbox 360 or a kendle fire tablet?

    1. Hi Jessie, you said the adapter works for a wii classic controller for a MAC, can you tell me exactly how the process works. I plugged the two devices in to my imac and nothing is happening. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    2. This is for PC. MAC is not mentioned in the packaging and website.

    3. Yes Jessie, I understand that, but on your youtube video you clearly demonstrate that the mayflash device enables a wii remote to work on a mac. you wre using the same emulator i have snex 9x and playing battletoads. Or did I get the wrong video? If not, you clearly demonstrated that it worked, so could you let me know how that works???

    4. Does that HP monitor look like a MAC? :) I think you got the wrong video.

  5. Quick question.
    Will this work on windows 7 64x because i heard it will not work on windows 7 64x

    1. I have been running it in Win 7 Home Premium 64bit.

  6. Hello!
    I have both Wii Classic Controller To PC and 2x Wii classic Pro *black edition*.
    I have tried to install it to 3 different computers but the drivers could not be found and tried to manual install it from http://www.mayflash.com/?Support/down/.
    Still dose not work.
    Is it because I bought 2x classic Pro? instead of the white one?

    1. My Classic Controller Pro (gold) works fine with the device. Try running the installer as an "Administrator" (right click on the file and "run as administrator").

    2. I tried that and I get 4 files installed under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Box
      Those files are:
      - Remove.exe
      - Rescan.exe
      - unins000.dat
      - unins000.exe

      Is this what you get then you installed it ?
      Or shood I install it under a specifik file place?

    3. Those are parts of the software which are used for the uninstall process. I do not recall the Mayflash having any graphical user interface, if anything it just installed drivers.

      To see if your controller adapter works you have to test it with software. The software could be an emulator, or in Windows. To test in Windows press the Win key and type "Set Up USB Controllers", if the device was installed correctly the device should show up in the list.

    4. Ah oki but still then I install the program it dose not understand it is a usb controller.
      It looks like this then I open the device manger: http://s12.postimage.org/8ihe8uihn/bla.png
      I have downloaded the PC045 Wii Classic Controller for Windows 7.

      So I am doing everything right correkt?
      And still is something wrong so it must me something tecnical problems with the Device correct ? :P

    5. It has been a while since I installed it, but there may be issues with 64bit OS or drivers.

    6. I know this is two years out of date, but I get the exact same problem when using classic pro controllers (cloned, not official nintendo ones) while my official classic controller works fine with it.

  7. how do i remap the buttons?

  8. hi, remap with xpadder, works fine :)

  9. Would the adapter also work with a gamecube controller because they both have the same ports?

  10. Does this wireless version work on Windows 8?