Jun 23, 2011

Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet - Batteries (52+ and 19+ slice)

Gear: LenovoThinkPad X220T, 52+ Battery, 19+ Battery Slice, X220 Tablet Sleeve.

The X220T comes with a Lenovo 52+ 6-cell battery.  I got the slice along with the review unit.  Today I'll go over some of the details about each battery.

52+ Battery (6-cell) Notes:
  • It comes with the X220T.
  • The battery goes "deeper" into the X220T's body (this came a bit dirty).
  • It does not go the full width of the system leaving a gap for the power and vent.
  • It adds an angle to the X220T which makes portrait note taking really weird.
  • The battery can be used as a carrying handle.
  • When in landscape mode the battery does give an elevation that is pleasant.
  • I get an average of about 5 hours with my usage (about medium settings)

19+ Battery Slice (6-cell) Notes:
  • I assume that I would get an extra 5 hours of battery life for around 10 hours of computing (it's a 6-cell and no I have not perform a test)
  • Hardware wise there's a power port, battery meter, speaker holes, latch crease, accommodation for the 52+ battery, connector to laptop, drain holes, lock and release latches.
  • No it won't give you a "flat" angle in portrait mode (it does however improve it)
  • This is not a docking station
  • It doesn't add a lot of "weight" to the X220T.
  • You can use the slice without having the main 52+ battery

Other notes:
  • I get much longer battery life with the X220T's 6-cell (about 5 hours) than with the X201T 8-cell (3 to 4 hours).  Average battery life will change depending on many things including the amount of usage.
  • No 9-cell battery in existence as far as I know.
  • The ThinkPad UltraBase Series 3 is the docking station for the X220T.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  Thanks to Andy for pushing for me to checkout the slice battery which has been sitting in the box since the "unbox" video.

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  1. Thanks Jesse
    Even if it doesn't even out the system, I was glad to hear that it doesn't render the system unusably thick or heavy.
    I suppose the fact that the slice is shorter than the system (it fit's perfectly with the x220 non-tablet) does not make it feel unsteady or weird when placed on a desk or handled as a tablet?
    Here's a comparison between slice on x220 and slice on x220t which illustrates what I mean.
    http://idisk.me.com/randfee/Public/temp//[email protected]_100__(Layer_1,_RGB_8%23)_*-20110426-032055.jpg

    Also thanks for all your comments made on the X201T and the other x220t videos. I'm 90% sure I'll stick to my x220T order and add the slice battery to the the included 6cell one now.

    regards from Germany!

    an unrelated tip:
    Some of your videos have the "interesting stuff" hidden on the dark, really underexposed table, a bit unfortunate, you might wanna check that lighting in the future or do it on a different table so one can see better what's going on ;)

  2. Andy,

    The system with the slice feels solid.

    Yes that black table paired with dark colored devices do hide a few things, it also makes my camera lose focus. I would have to get a lighter colored table to have better contrast. I'll keep that in mind.

  3. Hi Jesse!
    i am wondering how the batteries will be used if you have both of them connected?
    will the slice be depleted first, so when its empty i can remove it and get rid of the extra weight, or are they used simultaneously?
    and what about charging, both charged at "half-speed" at the same time, or will the standard 6-cell be charged first and then the slice?

  4. Chris,

    When using the slice and the main battery the slice is depleted first. When charging batteries the main battery has priority and once charged the slice get it's turn.

  5. Hello Jesse!

    I've my X220t, and i've saw 2 cons :(

    Fist: Can't work correctely if i remove all the bateries and use only de power adapter. Cant get stability.

    Second: Why cant i work tablet mode in secondary landscape whith when Wlan is on?

    sorry about my english :)

    Can u give any tips about it?

  6. RN,
    I really can't help you on either of those. You might just have to have the battery in. I think the WLAN is a truly weird and haven't heard of that problem. Try posting on the official Lenovo forums. ( http://forums.lenovo.com )

    Your English is good.

  7. Hi Jesse!

    Suddenly after windows update the weird stuff about the Wlan has been repaired :)

    Looks like i have to find a dummy battery to work in the office :)

    Tks. Your videos are very direct to the point, and thats good!

  8. Sweet. I'm glad that it's working.

  9. Hi Jesse!

    Thanks for your great videos on the X220 Tablet!

    Have you tested the sleeve too? I am wondering if the slice battery fits into the sleeve?

    Regards from Austria!

  10. @max
    I never tested the sleeve. I don't know how well it works.

  11. Hi Jesse, hopefully this is one you can answer. I am getting a custom case made for my X220 tablet. According to the Lenovo website the device is 30.5cm by 22.9cm by 2.7-3.13cm. By default the device only ships with the 6 cell i.e. a bit of the battery sticking out the back, but I am guessing that the dimensions provided are with the 3 cell(?). From what my searching has told me the 6 cell is another 2.5cm wider. I am right? Is the width with the 6 cell closer to 25.4cm?
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Ireland!

  12. @Anton,
    I have no idea if those measurements are with or without battery in. I recommend not doing a custom case until you get hands on and can do the measurements yourself. I no longer have the X220T so I can't really help you on exact measurements.

  13. OK. Thanks anyhow Jesse and keep up the good work with your site.

  14. Hi, I was wondering if the 3-cell battery is flush to the x220 tablet. Another question - I always read the x220 tablet was supposed to have 9 hours battery life, you keep talking about 5 hours. What are you doing during those 5 hours - gaming, surfing the web, what is the brightness like...

  15. @Anton

    From what I have seen on Lenovo's website... there's no 3-cell battery for the X220 Tablet. Usually during those 5 hours I'm doing things like browsing the internet (includes some Youtube videos), listening to music, and things like that. 3D games would probably give you less hours.

  16. Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for all this information it is fantastic, am waiting for my X230T to arrive as a result. One thing I am trying to find out and that is, is there any reason not to purchase the ThinkPad Battery 19+ to use with this model? I have seen it listed on some sites as compatible but not certain if there might be some flaws given it was obviously designed for the previous version. Had a big battle in my mind whether to go with just the X230 rather than the "T" but with Windows 8 around the corner it seems to make enough sense to go with the latter, however being able to beef up the battery life is a massive benefit. Any advice would be very kind!



  17. Tom, it should work fine. The slice would be very handy for those travel warriors. For the general public the 6-cell should be fine.

    1. Thanks for such a quick reply, it will certainly make travelling and live concerts much easier. Often running a keyboard (piano) through software etc and sometimes wondering if the battery will last out....a major reason I decided to go with this product. Will enjoy watching and reading your future posts/videos. All the best.

    2. I have a few more X230T videos/posts to make and then I will stop. I think I have covered most of what would be useful to the average person. Most of the videos/posts that I make have a lifespan of about a year and a half. After that they become meaningless collections of digital trash, so it might be time to rethink the strategy.

      The good thing about these ThinkPads is that the battery is replaceable. By the way the X230T may give around 4 to 5 hours battery life (if you use the wifi intensely and view videos). If you weren't using the wifi you could get a lot more.