HTC Flyer vs BlackBerry PlayBook - GPS and Compass

When you need to use maps GPS is the way to go.   You can find your way through unknown territory and succesfully navigate yourself to your desired destinations.

HTC Flyer
The Flyer has GPS and compass.  At first I thought this could easily become my car GPS tablet... but the only problem is that you need a wifi connection to download map data.  The Flyer by itself won't compete against car GPS devices.  The Flyer needs a wifi hotspot, or maybe some tethering with an internet capable cell phone.

BB PlayBook
No compass or GPS with the PlayBook.  The included Bing Maps application will utilize wifi for maps, and that's not that precise.

GPS and compass are neat little features but fairly useless without the wifi connection.  The HTC Flyer's brother called the HTC Evo View 4G will be a better system for map tasks.   I wish the PlayBook had GPS because it would be useful for "business" tasks.

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Anonymous said...

You can always use an off-line navigation app on the HTC.....don't need any data connection...



Jesse B Andersen said...

You are 100% right. I guess I forgot that it's possible to do that.

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