BlackBerry PlayBook - OtterBox Defender Series Case (for field environments)

After the failed soft shell case I decided to order two different cases.  One of them is the convertible case and the other was the OtterBox case.  The OtterBox case arrived first and the video shows a few things that you might be interested in knowing.

Size and Weight
The first thing that struck me about the case was how much bigger it was than I imagined.  The images that I saw showed it but I never felt that the case was that thickness.  So as you can see on the video it adds volume to the PlayBook.  Along with the increase in body volume the case also adds weigh.  The once less than 1 lbs PlayBook will now feel heavier.

Shell + Rubber Layer

The OtteBox will some amazing protection.   The inner shell will protect the PlayBook from very strong "hits" and the rubber layer will bring protection from daily "manhandling" and oils.  I knocked it with my fist a few times on the video so you can get the idea. :)

Clear Plastic Layer
The screen plastic layer does not affect the touch sensitivity that much. I was expecting way worse, but it really surprised me.  The bezel gestures will also continue to work.  The layer does add a bit of graininess but it's so small that you won't notice it after a few minutes of use.  (don't be paranoid about it)

Ports and Buttons

Although the case is a bit big it does not block any of the ports.  The rubber layer does cover the ports, but you can easily access them when you need to.  You will also be glad to know that the buttons work well with this case. (better than that POS soft shell case).  The power button is not perfect... RIM why did you make it so small?

Outer Plastic Shell
A little bonus is the ability to use the "clip on" plastic shell as a stand.  There are several adjustments and you can get the PlayBook to be very vertical.  The thing that changes the angle is a bit hard to snap out the first few times, but then it works well.  Once you are done you can clip this plastic shell to the rest of the OtterBox, which adds another layer of protection.


The OtterBox is definitely a "field" type case.  The OtterBox will be good for any type of activity were your PlayBook may get scratched, dropped, or thrown into dirt.   For going camping this might be the case to get.

Note: don't put tablets in your pockets... it looks silly.  With the added volume of the case you definitely won't be putting them in there.



Anonymous said...

Hey jesse,

nice Comparison videos between the htc and blackberry.

One question about the x220 t, do u use it also? How is ur experience between the x201t?
Can u make the Webcam/mic test, or is there no driver yet?
Is there Simple tab 2.0 running?

Greetings tobi

Jesse B Andersen said...


I'm using the X220T right now. :) The X220T does have those improved Core i processors so graphically it does a better job.

My early X220T system has a bug that disables all audio when the camera is being used. I cannot do that test even with the updated drivers. I probably have to update all of the drivers and bios in order to get it working. I'm sorry but I cannot do it. I know you have asked me for it before.

Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks for the fast replay,

it´s okey :) - do on ur work with the really nice tablets u showed us! :)

Especially the Pen input would be really nice if this option would soon be posible for Capacitive Displays! -> Appel seems to have registerd a sheet in which they plan to work on a "good" capacitive Display pen - let´s hope for it.

Or Wacom does a active Digitizer tip for ur thumbs :D

greetings tobi

Jesse B Andersen said...


I don't think any capacitive pen can do the job of the active digitizer pens. Capacitive pens are not precise enough.

There are many tablets coming out so there's going to be some interesting stuff.

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