Apr 21, 2011

Sweet Sweet Sugar

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During my first year in the USA I gained 40 lbs.  Some of it might be due to natural growth, but 40 lbs in one year is also a good amount of unwanted weight/fat.  I wasn't a total couch potato and I would bike a few miles every day and participated in soccer.  Something just didn't make sense.  What was I eating more here than the beans + rice + eggs diet of my Guatemala times.  It's that coca cola conspiracy + cereal.

I still have my sweets every once in a while but removing daily consumption of sweets has helped clear up my acne.  Mr. Robert H. Lusting doesn't go into acne and only goes over weight.  I have performed week long tests to see what happens when I eat sweets daily and when I don't.  One week with sweets end ups in acne breakouts, one week without does the opposite.

Things like cereals, sugary beverages (juice, gatorade, cola, etc), bread, ice cream, cookies, jam, ketchup, and other sweets have a big impact at many levels.  Most acne clearing products like Proactiv do not fix acne, they just treat what's on the surface.  In my teen years I consulted Dermatologist and they always told me that diet had nothing to do with it, and that I should just keep getting Tetracycline which I found out has tons of negative side effects.  I thought that when I got to "adult" status the acne would go away, but it didn't.  So... now in my 20s I still get acne but now I know how to control it.

If you decide to take out sugars from your daily life be ready to know what smokers face when they try to quit.  It sucks for a bit, but then life gets better.

If you watch the video above and get something out of it then please share it.  Some of the diet guidelines that Tim Ferriss has in the 4-Hour Body have helped big time.

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  1. Shit, I had this long thing typed out and I lost it...

    I was looking ar pico projectors and I came across your blog. While skimming I saw this post, obviously. I watched this vid 2 weeks ago I think. It's amazing. I've always had a problem with weight and cutting sugars has always fixed it.

    I moved to France last year and within 2 months I had lost 20lbs. It was soda. In the states free refills are the norm. People will fill your glass without asking and without you even noticing. It wouldn't be odd to ask for another coke either, no one thinks that is strange. As soon as I got here I would go out to lunch with people and they would only order water or beer to eat with. No one really gets cokes. Also there are no free refills. It took about a month to get used to eating lunch with only one coke. It sounds ridiculous to say now but I had never thought about it before.

    I did the 4hr body diet for 4 weeks before Xmas but the holidays and traveling threw me off. I lost 25ish lbs. I told my dad about it and he lost 37lbs so far, and another friend has lost 32lbs. It's pretty amazing. I had done CKD before and lost 60lbs, when I was 22, my skin cleared up also. Later I did the zone and lost 36lbs or so. As you may have guessed I have gained and lost a lot of weight. Rounding out my thought though, last year I hurt my back and was icing it 24hrs a day, not moving all day. A friend brought me food, which was mcdonalds or chips and soda and whatever. I laid in bed eating shitty foods icing my back for 4 days. When I got out of bed and put my pants on they fell off... I didn't think about it again until I read the 4HB. The combo of him mentioning ckd and eating the right ratio of protiens and slow burning carbs AND the icepak made it all too real for me.

    I am back on for a week and my belt has already gone down one hole. I bought a carbonater from Soda Stream and I make my own gingerale with just lemons and mashed ginger. Tastes 1000x better than the sugary stuff. It really helps me not miss "soda" like coke.

    I also bought a food dehydrator to make beef jerky, kale chips, and raw "onion bread." Raw vegans and vegetarians have some clever ways of replacing the stuff you start to miss when you cut out breads,cheeses, and sugars.

    Sorry to ramble I just didn't expect to come across this combo of things all in one place. I suppose if I am googling pico projectors there aren't many people out there so different from me into the same thing. I don't think I'd find a middle aged black woman reviewing them.

    Anyway thanks for the info and good luck.

    beaver.beaver at

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Steve. I think it's pretty neat that we have a lot more exposure to information these days. Some info is a bit crazy, and some very useful.

    BTW, you were probably looking for the iSival projector that I used to have.

  3. used to? Did you get rid of it or sell it?! I was just going to pick one up haha.

  4. I had to sell it. I always have bills to pay so I end up selling things.

  5. Very timely... Is Sugar Toxic? NYT article...

    ‎"In Lustig’s view, sugar should be thought of, like cigarettes and alcohol, as something that’s killing us."

  6. Brad, that's long article. ;-) I read the first two pages. I'll finish it when I'm in "must get healthy" mode.

    I still have some donuts, ice cream, and other sugary treats but I do it once or twice a week. Sometimes you just got to enjoy.

    Sweets are not pure evil. At the end of the day we are the ones that choose to consume it. I still want to know what goes on when I do consume so the article will come in handy.