Cool Software - VirtuaWin for Grouping Windows 7 Programs

I have recently found myself using a single screen. That's not easy for someone who runs many programs because the Windows 7 taskbar can get cluttered very easily. So the solution is virtual desktops and VirtuaWin does a fine job.  It works very well for single screen devices like laptops/netbooks and tablets.

A few notes:
  • My Desktop layout is 4 wide by 1 deep
  • My Hotkeys are:
    • NAV:Move to previous C + F11
    • Nav:Move to next C + F12

I have programmed my Flicks to also have those hotkeys. The video below shows a bit more detail on Flicks.

My Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 has the same Hotkeys assigned too.  I use the left and right scroll to switch desktops and it's pretty neat.

One note about switching desktops with Hotkeys
Make sure that you program your Flicks and Mouse Hotkeys before you adjust them with VirtuaWin. Do it the other way and you will run into conflict.

Get VirtuaWin at:


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