Aug 1, 2010

July - Weekly Summary 5

40 Posts this week.

Jesse B Andersen - jessebandersen.com
Tab Candy - One more reason to love Firefox!
Gary Vaynerchuck at Web 2.0 Expo
iPad - Targus Citygear Case
My High Tech PC for Sale
Jason Calacanis - Web Entrepreneurship

Wii Goldeneye 007 - wiigoldeneye.com
James Bond 007: Goldeneye - Concept Art
Another Bond Captured Screenshot
G4TV - Goldeneye 007 Interview
Goldeneye 007 Guard Screenshot
G4TV - Comic-Con 2010: Goldeneye 007 Preview
James Bond Stealthy at Dam Level

Lenovo S10-3T - lenovos103t.com
Power Button for Sleep
Video by TheWholeWorld1
Lenovo Philippines Facebook Profile Pic
Ubuntu Stuff
7-Zip to extract and compress files
I don't like System Sounds
Loudness Equalization
Firefox Tab Candy on the S10-3T
Higher Resolution + DPI

HP TM2T - hptm2t.com
HP Touchsmart TM2 Demo
TM2 Demonstration Video by Jkhweb
GTA IV on the TM2
HP TM2 CES Demonstration
TM2T demonstrated at CES 2010

3DS Kid Icarus Uprising - 3dskidicarus.com
1Up - More on The Making of Kid Icarus: Uprising
Gamespot Article - Kid Icarus: Urising soaring to 3DS
G4TV - The Reason Nintendo Didn't Announce Many 3DS Games At E3
Icarian Kindred Spirits is not Kid Icarus

Viliv S10 - vilivs10.com
User Review by Maverick
JKK with different convertible netbooks (Gigabyte T1000, Lenovo S10-3T, and Viliv S10)
Crunchgear - The iPad Alternatives - The 'Where Are They Now' Edition
UMPC Portal - Viliv S10 Blade Convertible Netbook/Tablet Review

Performed Music - performedmusic.com
Awesome Flute Beat (ReFix 2010) - DJ Rob3rt & RagnarBeatz (Collab) - FL Studio 9
Smashin it out by Lburnard
Looptastic HD Demo for Apple iPad
The Great Ronald Jenkees playing "Stay Crunchy"

Work Setup - worksetup.com
JKK Work Setup
Ronald Jenkees Work Setup

ION Overview - ionoverview.com
Two Next Gen ION Netbooks


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