Nov 30, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - RSS Reader App (not working)

The RSS Reader App on the Samsung Series 7 Slate is very clean and easy to use. You can add your own RSS subscriptions and view them in a touch friendly way. But there is a problem.

Make sure that you DO NOT login to your Google Account. (it's necessary, my bad) Loging in may break the RSS Reader app. The app worked fine until I logged in and now it gives me an error every time.

There should be a file that we could erase or modify and get the RSS Reader functioning again. I have not yet found the file. I hope that Samsung gives us an update soon to resolve this problem.


Update and Fix

Play Touch RssReader
- The RSS Reader app. It requires a account.

If you are having problems with the RSS Reader because the app stopped working try:
  • Uninstall the "Play touch RssReader"
  • Download and install the RssReader App (link above)

Reinstalling the program should fix the problem.

This should get it working again. Enjoy!

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