Nov 30, 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate - Clock And Weather Apps

The Clock And Weather Apps are fairly small so there's not much that can be said about them. Set them correctly and just view them in the Touch Launcher app.

Clock App Notes:
  • It has it's own "weather widget" (why??)
  • Clock allows you to specify the exact city for it's own weather widget, but doesn't for the clock's time.
  • You can assign multiple "world clocks".
  • There are digital and analog skins.
  • You can set alarms (system must be "awake")

Weather App Notes:
  • It has some neat animations.
  • You can set your exact city location.
  • Can view a weekly forecast.

If you are viewing a beautiful clock or weather report you are not working! Just set them and forget them.

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