HTC Flyer vs BlackBerry PlayBook - Software Part 1

Some software comparisons that hopefully help you decide which one you like more.

Automatic Rotation
  • Flyer
    • Seems to be a bit faster
    • Only orients to a main landscape and a main portrait (where buttons are located)
  • PlayBook
    • Slower automatic orientation (by a bit)
    • Can do automatic rotation on all sides

Home Screen
  • Flyer
    • This rotating roulette HTC Sense UI stuff is neat, and runs at all times
    • It's also easy to check your apps and add interactive gadgets
  • PlayBook
    • Seems a bit more plain when compared to the Flyer
    • You can add shortcuts to categories (you cannot add your own categories... bummer)

  • Flyer
    • I love the search on the system.  I can find my apps or go straight into the browser.
    • Search allows me to find apps (yes you will eventually add a lot of them)
  • PlayBook
    • There's no "search" option on the PlayBook.  (maybe in a future update)
    • I want search because looking for apps can be tedius

  • Flyer
    • With settings you can customize and personalize a lot of the Flyer.
    • The settings menu looks a bit "cheap" and "unpolished"
  • PlayBook
    • The PlayBook has well organized and "clean" setting options

Rotation Lock
  • Flyer and PlayBook
    • Both can do automatic rotation lock by checking on the settings

  • Flyer
    • While the Sense UI roulette seems like multi-tasking it's NOT app multi-tasking.
  • PlayBook
    • The PlayBook has the better multi-tasking, it's great stuff.

  • Flyer
    • The Flyer's keyboard seems a bit more "cluttered"
    • You can access special symbols and numbers by pressing and waiting
    • There's a vibration feedback that occurs every time you press a key
  • PlayBook
    • The keyboard feels extremely "clean"
    • With a press of a button you can view your symbols and numbers
    • Support for various languages right on the keyboard
    • "pop" sounds when key presses occur (volume can be reduced through settings)

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