Apr 28, 2011

Product Design - Piracy vs Legal Content

Cheaper, faster, not always better looking!  Piracy has an upper hand in the delivery of content because it's so straight forward.  The Internet has helped create even faster piracy methods.  P2P is ancient for media types like music and video.  It's all about streaming these days.

Your favorite soccer team's game is not on any free local TV channels?  no problem.  I watched Real Salt Lake lose against Monterrey on with a simple search.  I'm not advocating piracy, and would love to see legal version of the games at   Instead I must pay for a bunch of different channels to view the team play.  Why would I pay for an upgrade package on Dish Network that includes tons of channels I don't care about?

 - Go to
 - Use the search bar
 - Watch content

 - Go to
 - Sign up/login
 - Browse movies (check reviews, ratings)
 - Watch movie

Blockbuster (back in the local stores days)
 - Drive to store
 - Become a member
 - Look around for movies
 - Pull out cell phone with web capability to check ratings and reviews
 - Get the movie and pay
 - Drive back home
 - Put movie in DVD player
 - Watch trailers, FBI notices
 - Press play on remote in the movie's menu
 - Watch movie

A straight path to the product makes a big difference in the consumers mind.  The content being free/cheap is a plus!  The removal of unnecessary steps doesn't apply to all types of "product", but it does for "digital goods".

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