Where to find the Asus Eee Note EA-800?

This is the Asus Eee Note EA-800.  It's one of the few eReaders that have stylus input which enables you to write notes and do sketches.   As of right now it's pretty hard to find.

To make it easy for those interested here's the link to where you can buy the Eee Note EA-800:

Good luck trying to get through the checkout process. (I managed to do it by guessing! and using Paypal)

Other interesting bits:
  • Read books in many formats (PDF, ePub, MP3 , JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG , txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx)
  • 4GB internal storage, Micro SD card slot for more storage
  • Voice recorder
  • Write notes with 256 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Wifi enabled and sync with Evernote (not yet implemented)
  • Headphone jack
  • 2 MP camera
  • 13.5 hour battery life, 10 days standby time
  • Browser enabled

Since it doesn't have a dedicated book store like the Amazon Kindle, you can use the included browser with Google Books.

Since I read quite a bit and hate irritating my eyes I ordered mine this morning. :) The total price was $266.76, which included shipping. It can do more than the usual electronic reader and hopefully it arrives at my place in a week or two.



  1. Since the European release, I have been able to find it on ebay as well.
    It's a bit more... in English :-)

  2. They also increased the price didn't they? Those greedy bastards... hahaha ;-)

  3. I do not trust eBay. I tried PCHome online from Taiwan and the price is 6990 yuan convert currency to US, it's over thousand Dollar! Whoa, I'm confused. Can you please tell me how much it is in Taiwan yuan convert currency to US? Or will Asus launch them in US sometimes this year if you know when?

  4. PC Home uses NT$ (New Taiwan Dollars). The conversion of 6990 NT$ is equal to about $236

    In google try: "6990 nt$ to dollars"
    Example -

    Not much info on the US release yet.

  5. Thanks Jesse for teaching me. I must be pick the wrong one. I found out the shipping fee is way too high from Taiwan to US. I might have to wait a bit longer. Asus Note is nice to have in handy for taking notes and drawing.

  6. The rumor is that the Eee Note will sell in the US for less than $200, which is very convenient for everyone. :-) Asus has Eee Note Manuals in English [US] up on their support website, so hopefully that's an indicator that it will release soon.

  7. Sad that it takes so long to come to Europe. :/

  8. Maybe Asus hates Europe... hahha ;-)

  9. I heard it was coming in mid may.

  10. hi,
    how long did it take to get to your place?
    did they tell you on the website?
    I live in Italy at the moment and I'd really like to buy one..
    here on ebay they are so expensive!!
    so I was thinking to buy from taiwan.. but I need to know when it's gonna be here before purchasing it coz I'm gonna leave soon.. is there a way to find out??

  11. It took 3 days to ship from Taiwan to Utah, USA. They didn't tell me on the website.

  12. what about warranty they dont provide international warranty what to do when brought from pc home taiwan

  13. @gymmie
    Don't break it and you won't have a problem. ;) Asus should be the one responsible if something happens. But yes warranty stuff can be messy if you don't have support locally.

  14. Is the panoramic view available in the notes and sketching apps or just for the standardised (formatted)projected images

  15. George,
    The Notes app works in portrait mode, but not in landscape mode.

  16. Hi, I was wondering: what site did you use, and how did you get through the checkout? No US version, but I did see English software running on YouTube.

    1. I used the PC Home (listed on the post) and managed get through the checkout because of Paypal. There are different methods of turning the Mandarin (Chinese) version to English. Check

  17. Hi, I found a Hong Kong webshop with an English site who sell it for a USD 308, and ship worldwide. I didn't order from them yet, so I don't know how much the shipping would cost or how long it would take. The link:

    Shame on Asus to have cancelled worldwide sales of this great device! With some marketing and the right pricing, I think they could have sold many of them to students and companies.

    1. The buzz was with Android tablets so companies will make... Android tablets. ;)

      There's also the JetBook Color -