May 26, 2010

Targus Case for my S10-3T

I have been looking around for a good S10-3T case and found one from Targus. The Targus CityGear 10.2 Widescreen netbook case is just what I needed.

Correction on the video:
The case is a 10.2 not a 10.1

Gear on the video:
Lenovo S10-3T
Targus 10.2 Widescreen CityGear Netbook Case

May 24, 2010

Best Buy - not really

I love to see the things I'm about to buy.  Best Buy is an awesome store for viewing tons of things, but I don't buy anything from them.  Here's some examples of why.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

$55 for a Bluetooth mouse at Best Buy
Savings of: $19 new, $43 used

Targus USB Docking Station

$140 for a Targus USB 2.0 Docking Station with Video
Savings of: $19 new, $40 used

Best Buy should be sued for their "Best Buy" name, since they don't offer a "best buy".  They do have "price matching" but they will never match what Amazon offers.  If you decide to go into any retail store I highly recommend having a web enabled cell phone that can access Google Product Search, or Amazon and quickly compare so you can maximize your savings.

Yes I did buy a Targus $20 USB hub and a Targus 10.1 inch case for my Lenovo Ideapad S10-3T from Best Buy.  But I made sure to check with my mobile to see if price + shipping was going to be greater than buying at Best Buy and it ended being about the same so I went for it.

May 18, 2010


If you want to create notes and share them across all your devices then you have the answer with Evernote.  This is the simplest note taking software that I have seen.  All software should follow the example of this cool program when it comes to synchronizing among computers and platforms.

Lenovo S10-3T
Palm Pre

What software do you use for note taking?

May 13, 2010

Project - Lenovo S10-3T

http://www.lenovos103t.com has been up for a while and I have spent tons of time creating little tips that enhance this awesome netvertible.

I started the site because I bougth an S10-3T and saw huge potential.  This is one of the first "netbook" tablets known as "netvertibles" and we'll see more of them in time.  For now the S10-3T is an affordable machine that offers a "finger friendly" experience.

Since the website's creation to today (May 13th, 2010) there has been close to 20,000 unique visitors with over 60,000 page views.  The blog is doing really well and I hope many are enjoying it.  There are more tips on the way.  Enjoy your S10-3T!

Jesse B Andersen
Technology Enthusiast

May 11, 2010

Sony HDR-CX150 Unbox

I have been using a Flip Ultra HD and have recorded lot's of videos for various websites.  However it's time to upgrade to a camera that can do close ups.  The Ultra HD is horrible at close up and is best at a good distance and when the camera isn't moving.  The Sony HDR-CX150 seemed like a good deal and when I tested close ups it was fantastic.

Here's the unbox video (not edited at all so all my mistakes are there)

Pictures - click on them to zoom in.

What I like:
Great lens
Great optical zoom
Video out ports (RCA, mini HDMI)
USB Interface - no drivers were needed
SD Cards + Memory Sticks is a good deal.  Thank you Sony for coming to your senses
Small form factor
Swappable battery

What I don't like:
Not easy to erase video clips - there's so many steps to take
No external microphone in
Default colors are a little blue - you can probably change it
No remote

There are pros and cons but the picture quality and zoom is what I needed and the CX150 delivers.  Tune in later and check some pictures and videos recorded with the CX150.

May 7, 2010

Intel X25M 80GB SSD!

I'm super excited to have received my first Solid State Drive (SSD).  It's an Intel X25M 80GB and it will be faster than my normal hard drive.  I have read so much about these SSDs that it was only time before I got one.  Now let's see if they are worth the money.

Here's the unbox pictures:
 Trying not to destroy the box like Christmas times 

 I don't care about you paper, what's under you?

 "My SSD Rocks" sticky.

 There it is!  It looks kind of cute.

 Pin count fits netbooks and laptops without an adapter

 It's slim and offers side holes for enclosures

I'm planning on adding the SSD to the Lenovo S10-3T

It looks beautiful!  Now let's see what happens when I put in the S10-3T.  More on that later.

Intel X25M 80GB SSD

May 5, 2010

Project - ION Overview

Over the past years I have been following different technologies.  Netbooks really caught my eye but usually lose to laptops when it comes to 3D and HD media playback.  This is changing with the introduction of low power and high performance chips.  Broadcom's Crystal HD offers HD video decoding, but Nvidia's ION offers HD video acceleration and drastic improvements with 3D.  The ION changes things for the usual underpowered netbooks and allows them to be full multimedia experiences, including 3d gaming.

I will try to cover Nvidia's ION processor netbooks and nettops on my newly created website:
http://www.ionoverview.com as best as I can.  My experience with Acer's first generation Revo showed me that the ION is something that will catch more attention during 2010 and the next generation ION 2 processors will bring even more things to the table.  Best thing about the ION netbooks and nettops is that the price remains relatively low, somewhere between $200 and $500.

Note: The website is not finished, but I will begin requesting ION systems for testing and some youtube videos will come for sure.  I have my fingers crossed that some companies will send me some test units.  If there's a unit that interest you please add it to the comments section so I can request it.  Thanks.