Jun 25, 2010

iPad in your car, not a good idea.

Well I was cruising around in my killer Nissan Maxima to Barnes and Nobles to read Jason Fried's Rework book and I decided to bring along my iPad to listen to some podcasts by Jason Calacani's This Week in Startups. Within a few minutes the podcast stopped and I thought that it had reached its end or the iPod app had crashed (yes it does that too every once in a while). I ignored it and turned the FM radio.

When I reached Barnes and Nobles I was going to hide my system under the seat when I noticed a nice yellow icon on the screen. What the heck?

I'm guessing the system attracts a lot of heat fast and it gives this Temperature notice.

I quickly turned the AC full blast and cooled the system until it was fine.  Nothing worst than spending $$ on a system and fry it within a few weeks of owning it.

Hiding it under some shade.

Open the sunroof to make sure that heat is going out.

If you have an iPad in your car you better park in the shade or else your iPad will melt.

You can view more about overheating issues of the iPad with a google search for "iPad Overheats"

Now, when I was in Iraq we used to have these crappy computers called Blue Force Trackers and they seemed to hold pretty good at over 120 F degree weather and that's without the heat from the Humvee and AMRAP vehicles. How come this high piece of tech can't deal with about 90 F degree Utah weather?

Note: no that BFT image is not of me, it's from google images.

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