Jul 4, 2011

HP Pavilion DV6T Quad Edition - How To Access Bios And Change Action-Function Buttons

I started doing some programming again and I was in need of the F5 and F6 keys. Pressing the FN key and then pressing the right function button gets annoying. Usually the more steps it takes to accomplish something the less enjoyable it is. So I wanted my function keys back!

To change the Action keys to function keys you need to go into the Bios. Recently I reinstalled Windows 7 so I lost the software that allowed me to. It took a bit of time and research but now it can be done. Here's the how to.

How to access Bios and change the Action keys:
  • Ensure you have UEFI (get it at HP's Support and Drivers. I used "HP Pavilion DV6T-6100")
  • When booting up press the Esc key
  • Press F10 for Bios Setup
  • Use the arrow key and highlight System Configuration
  • Select Action Keys Mode and change it to "Disabled"
  • Select Exit, and Exit Saving Changes.

Most programs don't use all the function keys so it's not entirely needed. For gamers the function keys are essential so this will be super useful. If you don't want to change the Action keys to function keys I will go over on how to use AutoHotKey to remap the number pad to assign only the keys you need.

Happy Birthday America!

It usually takes tragic events to unite the people for a common cause. Everyone has a sense of what's right and when that line is crossed we fight back.  It was true back then, and it's true today.

The Hollywood Way

I like freedom and love being able to do anything I want.  Everything that can be considered "reasonable" of course.  Let's hope those politicians stop screwing the country.

Warning - Naughty Language
Team America - Fuck Yeah!

Yes I live in the greatest country of them all.  I do get stuff from Walmart and read books.  ;-)

Jul 3, 2011

Best Movies - Lord of War

When I see Nicolas Cage on any screen I feel the immediate urge to watch something else as fast as possible.   Mr. Cage can be found on just about every type of movie genre out there...  Some of his movies are good, and many terrible.  However, Lord of War is what I consider Nicolas Cage's best movie.

So what is Lord of War about?  It's an action packed movie of arms selling through war zones.  The movie shows constant evasion of Interpol agents and "ways around the system".  This is the type of movie that really makes you think about how screwed up things can be "behind the scenes".

These days you can see plenty of stupid movies that are a big waste of your time, money and brain cells.  (just go to the movie theater and look at all the crap posters on the walls, like those super idiot/heroes movies) Sometimes something that might be based on reality is a very good change.  If you have some free time for movies then check it out.  It surely did not disappoint me.


Jul 1, 2011

USB LED Lights For Laptops

Laptops sometimes come with a neat back-lit keyboard. If you don't have one then a USB LED light could be a solution.

What to look for:
  • Brand Name (ie SIIG)
    • Usually generic ones are cheap Chinese build quality
  • Multiple LED lights
    • Single LED lights usually do not illuminate your entire keyboard
  • On/Off Switch
    • It's so inconvenient to be plugging/unplugging to turn the lights on/off
  • Flexible Body
    • There's nothing worse than buying a rigid body system that cannot be moved to give the right angle to illuminate your keyboard.

There are many of these USB LED lights and most of them will be junk, but some are good. I still wish my HP Pavilion DV6T QE had a back-lit keyboard.