Oct 29, 2010

Motivation Check!


Oct 27, 2010

Wi-Fi Direct - Eliminate Wifi Routers

Iraq 2009... we deployed with laptops and netbooks without a single router... Life was hell... until I established an Adhoc network with my Acer Aspire One. After that we simulated "the internet". hahaha.

Wi-Fi Direct is here to set things so systems can share information between each other without the need of a wifi router. This makes much more sense than using something like 3G or 4G because it's faster for bigger files.

This was one of the requirements for the "Netbook of the Future" post that I had. I'm glad it's becoming more real now.

Our beautiful hooch!

Thanks to Engadget

Wi-Fi Alliance - http://www.wi-fi.org

Vegetables can kill you

1,200 pound pumpkin + gravity = pure awesomeness. Let's just hope it doesn't begin raining pumpkins any time soon.

Thanks to sltrib for sharing the video.

Everything Apple does is Amazing, Beautiful, Great, Gorgeous

Sometimes I think Apple is a master at hypnotic delivery. Once you only show what could be "subliminal" you figure out that they are putting all these thoughts in the back of your head. If you ask a Mac person why they have a Mac they might not be able to tell you exactly why, but they just say "they are better than a PC".

Check Derren Brown for a intro to Subliminal Advertising

Apple does make some really good products, so it's not all hocus pocus. :)

Thanks to Lockheed91 for creating this awesome video.

Oct 26, 2010

What can't we do?

Everyone's got talents.  Some people just choose to defy "normal".  Can you be one of them?

Thanks to Hadoukentheband for compiling all the clips.

Oct 23, 2010

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

I have changed keyboards. I now use the SIIG USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard.




Tip - Slow bluetooth keyboard fix

This is my first bluetooth keyboard. My current Logitech MK700 has been great but it has several things that I didn't like which included the keypad on the right side, which throws my arms always to the left and I have felt awkward with it. They keys were great, until I spilled Kool Aid and then they became a bit crunchy/sticky. One good thing of the new bluetooth keyboard is the advantage of not needing another USB dongle. Check my likes and dislikes.

What I like:
Bluetooth keyboard
Thin keyboard and keys
Ergonomic for my arms (wrists is what I should have said)
Optional Keypad for 10 key

What I don't like:
No media playback keys
Relearn how to type due to the arch

Checkout the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

That Targus Case Made It!

Originally posted at Lenovo S10-3T

Based on my previous history on international shipping (USA to Guatemala).  I expected the Targus Case that I sent to the Philippines to not make it. I was wrong!

Thanks to Philip for sharing the pics.  They are fantastic!

Free Targus Citygear Case for your S10-3T - Winner
Free Targus Citygear Case for your S10-3T
Lenovo S10-3T: Targus Case and Sleeve for Lenovo S10-3T

Oct 21, 2010

Apple on Netbooks

There's a piece from Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo and it's a great summary of my own thoughts.

The same happened with video iPods and smartphones and tablets too. One day he trashes something... and the next day, that something is the best thing ever. That something being their thing.

The fact is that their new Macbook Air is a netbook.


Oct 20, 2010

Apple Enters the Netbook Market

Today Apple finally entered the netbook market by having a 11.6 inch MacBook Air. So what are netbooks again? Small laptops.

The reason Steve has criticized netbooks has been because of their underpowered systems, it's true that netbooks have been associated with lower specs, but that has been changing lately with systems like the Alienware M11X which is a 11 inch netbook. In a way I'm very glad that Apple has released this system, finally people might stop making hackintosh systems... but wait the price is $999 which is so not a netbook price!

Things I like:
Small form factor
Build quality
2 USB ports (instead of the previous 1 port)
Good keyboard and touchpad
Beautiful screen (it is glossy so outdoor use will be limited)
Instant on feature and 30 day standby

What I don't like:
Not easy to replace battery
Upgrading parts (if you need it will be a pain)

I wonder what the performance will be with the lower spec models. I'm also curious of the performance of the Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics. Can't wait to see some youtube videos.

Macbook 11.6 and 13.3 inch

The prettiest internals I have ever seen.

Combine Pen and Touch for Productivity

I love to combine several input types at the same time. I have been thinking a lot about the possibilities with touch and pen. What's interesting is that this technology has existed for a few years now! As you can see on the video above it can be used for a lot of design and artistic purposes. Moving and resizing objects and the pen to add things is such a good combination.

Using simply touch like Microsoft's Surface has been doing is a complete failure for anything related to productivity. Media Interaction Lab is on the right path, now they just need add their technology into slate or convertible tablets.

My previous experience with something a bit similar with the X201.


Other links:

Oct 4, 2010

Microsoft Surface - Finally Useful For Something

I have always thought of combining pen and touch at the same time. Most of the surface applications have been pretty useless but with the features shown on the video it seems like MS Surface may finally be useful for something. :-) I can see zooming and panning while painting with a stylus being super useful for quick editing and painting for artists.

Thanks to Gottabemobile.com

I like to combine finger touch and pen capability with my X201 tablet like this:

More about the X201 at: