Jul 29, 2010

My High Tech PC for Sale (SOLD)

Gotta sell this pc.

Computer Parts
$59.99 - Cooler Master Centurion 590 ATX Mid Tower Case
$180 - AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black at 3.4Ghz CPU
$350 - $428.67 - XFX ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB DDR5  SOLD
$114.99 - Asus M4A78T-E Socket AM3 / AMD 790GX / Hybrid CrossFireX / ATX Motherboard
$90 to $130 - OCZ 4GB DDR3 at 1600MHz (x2 for a total of 8GB RAM)
$84.99 - Azza Dynamo 850W Power Supply
$140 - Western Digital Raptor 150GB 10,000 RPM
I forgot what the cooling fan I got is called, but it's pretty massive.

You can make the totals, but the computer is used and has about 8 months of light usage.

If you have a bid for the entire computer setup send me an email and I'll consider it.  If you also have a bid for computer parts send them in as well.  Like I explained on the video, I would rather sell the entire computer than parts.  If I have to I'll sell parts then I'll do it.  I have kept maintenance on the system and is not covered in dust.  I'll make sure UPS takes care of the packaging so that everything is secure and arrives in excellent conditions.

Used - About 8 months for mostly email and web surfing.  (a few hundred hours of 3d gaming, and some HD video rendering).

Reason for selling:
I gotta go mobile and can't carry around this desktop pc.  So submit your bid to my email and get it for cheaper.

One year parts replacement on any computer part that breaks due to normal usage (ie you not kicking the computer, or spilling liquids in the machine)  I like to think of myself as being honest and open, so if I "rip you off" please destroy my public image so no one trusts me again. I have put together computers before, one which I have that has been working since 2003 with no problems.

Payment Method:

I'll consider bids close to $1,000

Contact me at:

UPS with tracking code to Continental US Only

You can view more about my work setup at:

Jul 27, 2010

iPad - Targus Citygear Case

I bought the case for my S10-3T originally, but the iPad fits in it!  So the case works for both of my devices.  I'm so happy!

I'm sure there are better cases but this one carries lots of goodies. Enjoy!

Gear on the video:
Apple iPad
Targus Citygear 10.2 Case
Lenovo S10-3T

Jul 26, 2010

Gary Vaynerchuk at Web 2.0 Expo

Gary Vaynerchuck is a wine expert, social media and branding guru.

Lots of foul language. But still very entertaining, informative and makes you want to do things.  One of my inspirations to start blogging, but I'm not making millions like he does.  I'm not that good yet.  Check out the video and I hope it inspires and motives you.

I have probably watched that clip at least 6 or 7 times so far. I have shown it to my family during Sunday which seemed quite appropriate right?  Enjoy!

For those looking into Gary he wrote a book called Crush It, which is completely worth the money.  It's entertaining and informative.


Jul 24, 2010

Tab Candy - One more reason to love Firefox!

Check out this awesome video that demonstrates Tab Candy on Firefox.  I wonder how well it works on netbooks.

Get an early beta at:

http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/tryserver-builds/[email protected]/tryserver-win32/

Check out a full article at:


Jul 20, 2010

Korg MicroX Unbox!

I used to play a crappy recorder when I was a kid, and eventually moved to an Ocarina (http://songbirdocarina.com/) and had a bit of music playing in my life. Every once in a while I get the munchies of trying to play a tune, so I decided to spend the least amount of money possible and get the best sounding deal ever. I set my eyes on the Korg MicroX and got it for a bargain.

Check out the pics!

It fits on top of my table, but I would rather have it slide from where the keyboard is.

Sexy Korg MicroX!

Korg MicroX left side (there's a standard 3.5mm on the front side bottom left)

Korg MicroX right side

Korg MicroX Back side

Korg MicroX Inputs

Korg MicroX Ports - USB, Midi In and Out, and Damper

Korg MicroX Ports - Assignable Switch and Pedal, Individual Output 1 and 2, and Main Output L and R.

To see what I cannot perform and what this unit can do check:

Gear on the pics and video:
Korg MicroX homepage
My Work Setup

Jul 15, 2010

Alienware M11xR2 with Core i7!

For those that don't know the Alienware M11X is a fantastic little gaming laptop.  Recently they have been updating the processor options and it got the Core i5 a while ago, and now you can add a speedy Core i7 processor.

The core i7 in the system runs at 1.2Ghz with 2.266Ghz Max Turbo Frequency, with 4M Cache. It's the fastest smallest computer in existence.

Some videos of the Alienware M11xR2 with Core i7.

Alienware M11X Core i7 Review Part 1 by lunarx3dfx

Alienware M11X Core i7 Review Part 2 by lunarx3dfx

Playing Left 4 Dead 2 by youtube user m11xR2

Playing Left 4 Dead 2 at 1080p in high settings by youtube user m11xR2

Playing WOW by kopicha It works really well!

High speed modding by LupusWorax

On that modding video you can see LupusWorax upgrading a bluetooth module and he adds a new thermal compound called Liquid Pro by Coollaboratory.  (Video here)

Reviews of the M11xR2 with Core i7:

Alienware M11xR2 Drivers (64bit only):

Find the Alienware M11X and Alienware M11xR2 at:
Amazon - search Alienware M11X

Jul 7, 2010

Project - Work Setup

Since I'm a tech enthusiast I come across many websites which have some killer gear. Equipment used for work by either professionals or average joes put together to create a "work setup"  Since I see some cool stuff there I decided to compile my findings on a website called Work Setup.  I hope the site inspires your future rig.

I share my Work Setup with you.

To view Work Setup go to http://www.worksetup.com

Jul 4, 2010

Gigabyte M1125 Convertible Netbook Pictures, Video and Details (renamed to T1125)

[update] - The M1125 has been renamed to the T1125

Gigabyte is a company that comes out with some great convertible devices.   They have just announced the Gigabyte M1125 which has some serious punch.  It's early still but there will be more news as it goes.  This one seriously makes me reconsider my plan on getting the HP TM2T.
Early Videos:

Gigabyte M1125 Hands On Netvertible CULV by minipcpro

Gigabyte M1125 tablet convertible notbook Computex 2010 by wow-pow

Tablet convertibile Gigabyte M1125 CULV by Notebookitalia

These are the specs from the Gigabyte website.  I bolded what I found unique and worth mentioning.

CPUIntel® Core™ i3 / i5 ULV processor
Operation SystemGenuine Windows® 7 Professional
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
LCD11.6" Multi-Touch Panel, WXGA HD(1366x768) LED backlight LED backlight
System MemoryDDRIII SO-DIMM*2 (Max 8GB)
ChipsetMobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipsets
GraphicsIntel® HD Graphics with dynamic frequency
NVIDIA® GeForce® 310M Supports NVIDIA Optimus Technology
HDD320/500GB 2.5" SATA HDD 5400rpm
I/O PortUSB(3.0)*2, eSATA/USB(2.0) Combo*1, HDMI, Mic-in,
Earphone-out, D-Sub, RJ45, 4-in-1 card reader(SD/MMC/MS/MS Pro),
DC-in Jack, Docking Port
Audio1.5 Watt Speakers*4, Internal Mic-in
CommunicationLAN: 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Base-T
Wireless LAN: 802.11b/g/n Wireless
Bluetooth: Built-in V2.1 + EDR
3.5G Module: 3.5G Antenna build-in, 3.5G Module supported(Optional)
Webcam1.3 Mega Pixel
SecurityKensington Lock
BatteryLi-Polymer 6-cell, 7800mAh
Dimension 290(W) x 220.7(D) x 39.3(H) mm

I love some of the specs.  The screen offers higher resolution that most netbooks which is good but might diminish portability by a bit.  Max 8GB ram on a device this small is unheard of!  The GeForce 310M with Optimus Technology enables this device to do above netbook average HD and 3D while retaining battery life.  Optimus switches between dedicated and integrated graphics automatically.  USB 3.0 is the future and will enable super fast transfers between external devices and the M1125.  The docking port is kind of standard for Gigabyte but it's worth mentioning that the M1125 can be docked easily and not many convertibles offer it.

Launch date will be August 2010
I have high hopes with the price too!

For more details check:

Jul 3, 2010

Project - Wii Goldeneye 007

I played the original Goldeneye game for many hours.  This was the multiplayer king at my house when we had the N64.  Now it's coming out for the Nintendo Wii.  I hope they got the control schemes right.

Just like 3DS Kid Icarus this is a game that I will follow. I hope they got it right! It's going to be awesome!  Enjoy!

Check http://www.wiigoldeneye.com for future updates.

Project - 3DS Kid Icarus Uprising

I do some gaming here and there. When I saw Nintendo's E3 conference it really impressed me to see a game called Kid Icarus which will be released in Nintendo's new Nintedo 3DS gaming system. I thought I would start a blog about it because the game looks awesome and yes I will be getting a 3DS when it comes out. The site is http://www.3dskidicarus.com   I will be posting all the info I can gather there and will go into details once the system is out.  Enjoy!

The trailer is pretty good!