The Wacky World of the Computer Mouse

A whole computer in a mouse?  With today's miniaturized computers anything is possible and the Mouse Box is proof of this. My big concern is the practicality of the device, and how well it can actually perform. Info on the device can be found at

Yes, that's a computer mouse, by Asus, called the VivoMouse.  They also have a metallic version.  The top is a touch pad, which allows you to use touch gestures, and yes there is a sensor on the bottom so you can use it as a traditional mouse.

 Why does a mouse have to be like a mouse?  Why not make it a "pen mouse"?  Well, the Docooler 2.4 GHz Wireless Pen Mouse achieves just that. It retains all of the traditional mouse features, but surely the grip is way different than the usual.

 Generally a trackball mouse is simple, but I had never seen a mouse with a scroll wheel on the side where the thumb usually rests. This is the Elecom M-DT2URBK, and it looks packed with customizable buttons (8 of them). The more traditional approach, although still quite odd looking, is to have the trackball on the side and have the scroll wheel on the top, which can be seen on the Elecom M-XT3DRBK (which quite sadly only has 6 buttons).

The L-Trac Glow, by Clearly Superior Technologies, is clearly a more traditional trackball mouse. However, unlike most boring devices within the category the L-Trac Glow has a glowing/backlit trackball that should make a better companion for night time use.

The Contour Mouse, by Contour Design, is another odd-looking creature. The weird looking mouse seems to be far more comfortable than some of the previous entries though not only on the looks, but in the fact that the company sells right and left handed versions, along with various sizes.

The MouseTrapper Advance Mouse.  One of the alternatives to a mouse that I think can work well for mostly typists. The idea is that you keep your hands closer to the keyboard, and therefore you improve your typing speeds, and reduce that extended arm and shoulder pain.

- Slim Mouse G4

Published: Jan 19, 2017

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