Aug 18, 2014

LUA Table/Array Maker - Save Time and Brain Cells

Download: http://jbafiles.com/free/lua-table-maker.zip

This program's intent is to facilitate the creation of LUA tables/arrays by removing the need to specify an integer value on each entry. Furthermore, this also facilitates updating the table by not having to adjust each entry's integer value.

In a way it reminds me of enumeration in C++ and C#.

Aug 17, 2014

RTS Camera in Leadwerks Engine


The videos and code below cover the setup, motion, and actions for an RTS "like" camera in Leadwerks. We will focus on the basic elements of the Rise of Nations camera.

What we want:
  • Camera that moves forwards, backwards, left, right.
  • Zooms in and out.
  • Can turn left and right.
  • Has a speed multiplier.
  • Can "pick" entities/actors/characters and can assign them to move to a specific location.

We will place a pivot into our map, this pivot will have a script attached. In the script we will create a camera, which will have the pivot as its parent. Most of the movement manipulations will be done on the pivot, but there are some that will be specific to the camera (such as zoom in/out).  Picking characters and assigning actions will be done through raycasting from the camera and mouse input.