Nov 23, 2014

List of Hanvon Digitizer Pen Tablets

Hanvon is a company that produces many digitizer devices.  Sometimes their digitizer's look very similar to Wacom's digitizers--it's almost as if the pens were manufactured in the same factory!  While the pens of each company have a very similar look they are unlikely to work with devices of the other brand.  Hanvon uses their own Electromagnetic Resonance Touch (ERT) module, and may or may not have touch enabled.

Sometimes the Hanvon devices have a pen listed on the product pages.  However, the pen may or may not be a digitizer.

Main links:
  • Pens and technology (range from 256 to 2048 levels of pressure)
  • Smartphone
  • Tablets
    • Interactive Pen Tablet
      • Art Master (AM 1209, AM 1107, AM 0806, AM 0605, AM 0504), 1024 PL, default pens are GC6A01 and GC7A01, has bezel buttons
      • Art Master III/3 (AM 3L, AM 3M, AM 3S), 2048 PL, default pen is GC8D01, has bezel buttons.
      • GraphicPal (GP 0806, GP 0605, GP 0504), 1024 PL, default pen is GC5A01, no bezel buttons.
      • GraphicPal III/3 (9x6 inches and 6x4 inches), 2048 PL, unknown default pen, has bezel buttons.
      • Painting Master (PM 0806, PM 0605, PM 0504), 1024 PL, unknown pen (although this image shows something similar to GC6A01), does not appear to have bezel buttons.
      • Rollick (RL 0604, RL 0504), 1024 PL, default pen looks like GC5A01, it may have bezel buttons.
      • Wireless Tablet WL0604M, 1024 PL, default pen looks like GC7D01, no bezel buttons.
    • Interactive Pen Display
    • Windows/Android Tablets
      • TouchPad B16 Windows 7 tablet, 10.1 inch at 1024x700, Atom Z530 CPU, unknown pen (although it looks very similar to a Fujitsu LifeBook Digitizer, which is Wacom Penabled--but if it uses Hanvon technology then it's not Wacom), no apparent bezel buttons.
      • Hanvon D10, an Android 2.3 tablet with Nvidia Tegra 2 at 1GHz, 10.1 inch screen at 1280x800 pixels, having a 16:10 aspect ratio, unknown pen, no visible bezel buttons.

  • WISEreader
    • 6-inch readers (the pens here look more like styluses than digitizers)
    • 9-inch readers

Nov 8, 2014

Observations of Bulletproof Supplements: Unfair Advantage, GABAwave, Ciltep, Alpha Brain, Choline Force, Upgraded Brain Octane Oil

Gear: Unfair Advantage, GABAwave, Ciltep, Alpha Brain, Choline Force, Upgraded Brain Octane Oil.

Bulletproof/Upgradeself sells several supplements aimed at helping your brain.  I think everyone is different in how their body will respond.  In my case, I'm in my late 20s and I have tried to follow a Bulletproof styled diet for what is over a year now and it has worked well for maintaining weight, dealing with acne, and even improving musculature.  I don't take drugs, no smoking, and no drinking.  I believe that supplements can be used to fill in what we are missing, but I also like the idea that we can unlock potential and go beyond what we thought was possible.  Below are some notes regarding the effects that I have noticed when I have taken these supplements.

Nov 1, 2014

The Short Side: A Summary of Height Related Issues

Data is information that may or may not be organized.  Knowledge is a collection of data that focuses on a specific area.  You can use this knowledge in an intelligent or ignorant way.  When I think of knowledge I think of the idea of warfare.  If you are going into combat then it is crucial for you to know as much about the enemy, terrain, your own capabilities etc.  If you are ignorant then the enemy is going to crush you, but if you are well prepared then you can deal with difficult situations.  Life is not that different, and if you possess knowledge then you are far more likely to succeed.  This page focuses on the issue of human height and how such has an effect on what you can and cannot achieve.  For the most part it will be composed in a list of statements with links to references--although some may be personal observations and in some cases presumptions (I will indicate which I am using).  It is important for you to double check all statements to make sure that what I'm saying is correct.

Oct 24, 2014

PC Game Controller Comparison: MS Xbox 360, Logitech F310, Steelseries 3GC, Tronsmart Mars G01, and Razer Sabertooth

 Gear: Xbox 360 for WindowsLogitech F310Steelseries 3GCTronsmart Mars G01, and Razer Sabertooth.

Every once in a while I decide to purchase several items that would fall in the same category--this time I'm going over these game controllers.  Hopefully the post gives you some ideas of what to expect and maybe what you should get.

Razer Sabertooth USB Game Controller - Package Contents and Images

The Razer Sabertooth is one of the most expensive gaming controllers for Xbox 360 and PC--it started at $99 but it has dropped to around $70.  It's actually a pretty good controller, but there can be several improvements.  I'll share what those improvements are when I compare it with a few other controllers--check the following link for the details: PC Game Controller Comparison.

For images of the box contents and a few small details continue below.

Tronsmart Mars G01 Wireless Controller - Package Contents and Images

The Tronsmart Mars G01 is a controller that has compatibility with PC, PS3, and Android.  The controller is also wireless.  There are other controllers available on the market and I'll share my thoughts about them at the following link: PC Game Controller Comparison.

For images of the package and manual continue below.