Link Dump 0048 - Musk, Glycogen, and Neural Networks

Comedy, Idiocracy, and the Internet
- An amazingly scripted scene.
- If Bathesda did movie cgi.

- Inside Volta: The world's most advanced data center GPU.

- Changelly, a cryptocurrency exchange.
- LBRY, content freedom.
- What does $100 Ether Mean?

Health and Fitness
A touchable tablet to guide the visually impaired.
- "Exercise-in-a-pill" boosts athletic endurance by 70 percent, study finds.
- Her Body #51 | How to properly use glycogen stores for women.
- How living like a nomad made James Altucher happier, by Bulletproof radio.
- How to avoid & fix the damaging effects of diet-induced inflammation, by Bulletproof radio.
- In Vivo Excision of HIV-1 Provirus by saCas9 and Multiplex Single-Guide RNAs in Animal Models.
- ProgressPics on Imgur.

Going Green
- Camco 18-inch 2-gauge cable (black).
- Camco 18-inch 2-gauge cable (red).
- Tekameka Digital Timer Outlet 7-Day Programmable Setting.
- Tesla Solar Roof.
- Universal Power Group Sealed Lead Acid Battery.
- Y-SOLAR 80A Solar Charge Controller 12V / 24V.

People, Politics, Science, and Money
- Gavin McInnes Blows Joe Rogan's Mind.
- How a professional climate change denier discovered the lies and decided to fight for science, by Sharon Lerner.
- Neil deGrasse Tyson: Science, Abraham Lincoln, Immigrants, and the Facing of America.
- The future we're building -- and boring | Elon Musk. TED.
- Treaty of Tripoli.
- Why are most programmers white males? by Brian Knapp.

- The American Kilogram.

- Blue Snowflake Ultra-portable High-fidelity USB mic.
- Displays2go LGP36WB2 Dual TV Stand for 30 to 60-inch monitors.
- Iogear USB-C 4K Docking Station with Power Delivery.
- PowerUp MacBook Pro charger.

- Apple wishes their mouse was this "magic" - Synergy. Video by Linus Tech Tips.
  -- Synergy.

Software Development
- A D Standard Database Interface & Implementation by Erik Smith at DConf2016.
- Blitzmax Maps.
- High performance fast computing challenge, NASA's FUN3D software.
- Neural networks for animations.
- NoSQL for Mere Mortals.
- NoSQL: Database for Storage and Retrieval of Data in Cloud.

Published: May 11, 2017

Link Dump 0047 - Batteries, Politics, and Algorithms.

- ChargeTech PowerPack 27Ah, with USB and 85W AC outlet.
- Crave PowerPack 50Ah.
- Maxoak PowerPack 50Ah.
- RAVPower 27Ah, with USB and 100W AC Outlet.

Comedy and the Internet
- Comments regarding "NetflixAndBill".

- BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen will start his own cryptocurrency.

Digital Distribution
-, a digital marketplace.

- Fernando Uribe-Romo on Synthetic Photosynthesis.

Game Development
- How to make and self-publish a game in 12 months, by Matthew Viglione.
- Xenko: a next-level C# game engine.

- Mastodon Bone Findings Could Upend Our Understanding of Human History.

Health and Fitness
- Death by Food Pyramid (written by Denise Minger), review by Michael Eades.
- Sponsorship of National Health Organizations by Two Major Soda Companies.

Life Hacking
- Algorithms to Live, talk by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths.

People, Politics, and Money
- Billionaire Jack Ma says CEOs could be robots in 30 years, warns of decades of 'Pain' from AI.
- Richard Stallman on the Lunduke Hour.
  -- The JavaScript Trap.
  -- Mozilla FireFox.
  -- LibreJS.
- Oregon fines man for writing a complaint email stating "I am an engineer".

Privacy and Security
- Spying on students: school issued devices and student privacy.

- Acurate weather monitoring devices.
- Samsung DeX. A docking station for Galaxy S8/S8+.
- System76 - Linux based computers and laptops.
- The 200 watt MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater.
- The SlideBar is a mechanical keyboard slider for your computer.
- USB-C to DisplayPort adapter.

Tech News
- BitTorrent Live (video streaming) is shutting down.

Software Development
- Codeweavers for Mac - Run Windows apps on Mac.
- OpenGL for MacOS.
- Python review by a C++ developer.
- Stev Blog - Topics related to C++, C, Python, Linux, and CSharp.
- Weblite-Go (a small server in Go).

Published: Apr 30, 2017

Link Dump 0046

Artificial Intelligence
Neural Network Tutorials.
- Self-taught AI beats doctors at predicting heart attacks.

- Why the avocado should have gone the way of the dodo.

Comedy, Idiocracy, and the Internet
- How to do coding.

- Science in America by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Health and Fitness
- Debunking the paleo diet by Christina Warinner.
- Hand Transplant Pictures and Story.
- Myostatin Inhibitor.

Going Green
- Tiered Garden.

- Iron Man.

People. Politics, and Money
- Steve Ballmer's New Project: Find out how the government spends your money.
  -- USA Facts Org: the US in numbers.

- The Curious Case of Free Energy Device by ElectroBOOM.

Security and Privacy
- Headphones are spying on users, Lawsuit says.

Software Development
- Competitive Programmer's Handbook by Antti Laaksonen.
- How I created a world by Zolden.

Stuff people bought to support the blog:
- Amazon AAAA alkaline batteries.
- Amazon 16-Gauge Speaker Wire.
- Asus T102 Transformer Mini 10.1-inch 2 in 1 Touchscheen Laptop/Tablet.
- Asus T102HA Transformer case.
- Asus ZenPad 8.0 screen protector.
- Butterfox Nintendo Switch hard carry Case with 19 cartridge slots and 2 Micro SD holders.
- Dimples Excel 2 in 1 Precision Disc Stylus.
- Elextako Digitizer Stylus Pen for MS Surface Pro 1/2 and Lenovo X220/X230 Tablets.
- Lenovo 4x80h34887 ThinkPad Active Capacitive Pen.
- Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Pen 4x80f22107.
- Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel Pen For Galaxy Note.

Published: Apr 21, 2017

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