Link Dump 0014

Artificial Intelligence
- AI learns Nobel Prize experiment in just 1 hour! (video)
- Google's Deep Mind Explained - Self Learning AI (video).

Comedy and the Internet
- We are who we choose to be (clip).
- YouTube's New Program is Horrible (video).

- I built a camper out of a cargo trailer (guide).

- Documentaries list (collection).
- Hacking The System by Brian Bushwood (show).
- Mind-messing Movies (collection).
- Tesla by PBS (trailer).
- The Tim Ferriss Experiment (show).

Health and Fitness
- Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized after trying Steve Job's fruitarian diet (article).
- Gamers beat scientists to making a protein discovery (article).
- How Not To Die: The role of diet in preventing, arresting, and reversing our top 15 kills (video).
- MS Will Solve Cancer Within the Next 10 Years by Treating It like a Computer Virus, Says Company.  (article).
- Paleo Dieters Beware - Cavemen Had Cavities Too (article).
- Why You Should Care About Nutrition (video).

Life Hacking
- Hackernoon (website).

People, Politics, and Money.
- Religion in US 'worth more than Google and Apple combined': $1.2 Trillion (article).
- Religiosity in Europe (info graphic).
- Why bad science persists, Incentive malus, poor scientific methods may be hereditary (article).

- CppCon 2015: T. Winters & H. Wright "All Your Tests are Terrible" (video).
- CppCon 2016: Bjarne Stroustrup "The Evolution of C++ Past, Present, and Future" (video).

- Mystery bright spots could be first glimpse of another universe (article).

- Don't Talk to Cops, Part 1 (video).
- 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Hacked (article).
- NMAP for dummies (guide).
- Tor Browser Exposed: Anti-Privacy Implantation at Mass Scale (article).

- FastKeys - the all-in-one Windows automation software.
- nmap (Network Mapper) - a utility for network discovery and security audits.
- Top Ten Static Website Generators (article).
- vTask Studio - TinyTask, TyperTask as ways to automate.

- Elon Musk : How to build the future (video).
- Faith is Not a Virtue by Jerry Coyne (video).
- Science can answer moral questions by Sam Harris (video).
- Why Evolution is True and Why Many People Still Don't Believe It (video).
- Why Science and Religion shouldn't cohabit by Jerry Coyne (video). 

Some notes on Musk video:
- Be useful to society; games, some improvement. It just needs to affect lots of people.
- AI can be big. Can be good, can go bad. Democratization of AI will be key. There needs to be a sense of urgency to ensure AI goes in the right direction.
- Genetic diseases, diseases, etc. with genetic programming.
- Phones, tablets, etc. give us great abilities but our bandwidth is limited.  A neurological connection (lace) would help.  Eventually humans can be connected to AI.
- People think technology gets better automatically, but usually it only gets better if smart people work on it.  Tech may actually decline if people don't work on it.
- Having fear of doing something is normal. If you believe in something enough it should overcome the fear of doing it.
- To Mars in 9 to 10 years.

Published: Sep 23, 2016

Link Dump 0013

Comedy and the Internet
- A few x-ray gifs I find interesting (clips).
- Everything is Too PC These Days (video).
- The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses (video).

- Earth Temperature Timeline (infographic).

Health and Fitness
- 40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger (video).
- Abdominal Anatomy & Training Program | Built By Science (video).
- Flax Seeds as Source of Omega 3 (products).
- Grass-Fed vs. Conventional Meat: It's Not Black or White (article).
- Intestinal Bacteria as a Source of B12 (article).
- Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (article).
- Paralyzed Man Regains Use of Arms and Hands After Experimental Stem Cell Therapy (article).
- Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research: A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents (journal article).
- products for recovery and metabolism T3 (products).
- The IGF-1 Trade-Off: Performance vs. Longevity (video).
- The Story of Fat: Why we were Wrong about Health (video).
- The Surprising Truth About IGF-1 and How to Increase and Inhibit It (article).

Life Advice
- The 3 Sieves of Socrates (clip).
- How to raise a genius: lessons from a 45-year study of super-smart children (article).
- Old Geek Jobs: fighting against ageism in the industry (article).

- Full Interview: Roger Shawyer, Creator of EmDrive (video).
- The Basic Science Behind EmDrive (video). 

- Chuck Allison's DConf 2015 Presentation (video).
- CppCon 2015: Bjarne Stroustrup "Writing Good C++14" (video).
- Google runs on 5000 times more code than the original space shuttle (article).
- Stretching the Limits of CSS 3: Amazing Creations in Pure CSS (article/demos).
- TIOBE Index, list of top programming language (website).

Software Tools
- 1Clipboard (desktop app).
- CureCoin: The cure For the Common Cryptocurrency (desktop app).
- Electron 1.0: Build cross platform desktop apps (framework).
- Web2Web, a server-less and domain-less websites updatable via torrents and bitcoin blockchain (website).
-, a web torrent client (website).

- Adblock Plus now sells ads (article).
- Deleted Google Maps? Go ahead, says Google, we'll still track you (article).
- FBI Director: Cover up your webcam (article).

Talks and Debates
- INR5: Jerry Coyne "You Don't Have Free Will" (video).
- Is it Time to Overhaul the Calendar? (article).
- Sam Harris - Free Will (video).
- Sam Harris on Artificial Intelligence (video).

Tech Gadgets
- Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy (product page).
- Kangaroo Notebook uses mini PCs to separate work and play (article).

Tutorials and Guides
- Favorite keyboard shortcuts (images).

Published: Sep 15, 2016

Link Dump 0012

Comedy and the Internet
- 20 Hubble Deep Space Images (images).
- Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference (clip).
- Awesome websites to waste time with (link collection).
- Best thing you will see all week (clip).
- Do It Today (image).
- Economics (image).
- How to deal with a Jewish-Mexian vampire (clip).
- Is Your State's Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (article).
- Mexican Standoff ft. Key & Peele (video).
- Why Weddings Are a Total Rip-Off (video).

Electronics and Tech
- A Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot (video).
- Air Conditioning Anywhere (unbox video).
- Fitbit Charge 2 (product page).
- Multi-process Firefox brings 400-700% improvement in responsiveness (article).
- Now you can buy a USB stick that destroys anything in its path (article).
- Sony Professional Headphones (product page).
- Tobii + Alienware - eye tracking on a laptop (product page).
- VIVE - a virtual reality headset by HTC (product page).

- The Martian (video).

- Taler.ner - an electronic payments for a liberal society GNU (product).

Health & Fitness
- Dr. Kevin Hall declares the insulin hypothesis of obesity "falsified" (video).
- First new antibiotic in 30 years discovered in major breakthrough (article). 
- Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day (video).

Popular Science
- 17 Equations That Changed the World (image).
- Scientists find 3.7 billion-year-old fossil, oldest yet (article).
- Super Human Endurance Against High Electrical Current (video).
- This Much Will Kill You (video).
- The Best and Worst Prediction in Science (video).
- Why You Don't Need 8 Glasses of Water a Day (video).

- Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne at AAI 2009 (video).

- Atom - a Hackable text editor for the 21st Century (software).
- Electron API, build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (Framework)
- Intro to C/C++ Programming Structures, Unions, and Enumerated Types (article).
- Java Programming (video).
- Learn Node.js (course).
- Mapping an unsigned int to a bit field struct (forum).
- Official Big-O Cheat Sheet Poster (product).
- Quill 1.0 a open-source easy to use editor for content creation across the web (software).
- React (article)
- Reading from a  file into a Struct (forum post).
- Structures, unions, enumerations, and bitfields in C and C++ (article).
- Writing Quick Code in C++, Quickly by Andrei Alexandrescu (video)

Simple Life
- Tiny houses for those who want to live a little... (images).

The Climate Change Stuff
- A scientist's plan to hack the climate (video).
- Brian Cox Baffled by Ignorance of Climate Change Denier (video).
- Skeptic Arguments and What the Science Says (website).
- The 97 Percent Solution, article by Ian Tuttle.
- These are the best arguments from the 3% of climate scientist 'skeptics.' Really, by Dana Nuccitelli (article).

Published: Sep 8, 2016

Demo Scenes

Here's a list of some demo scenes that have caught my eye.  Demo scenes are digital art that combine music and real-time graphics. You can watch many of these on YouTube at excellent quality, however the real magic is in running the executable on a powerful computer

The earlier demos were rather simple and often focused on small file sizes, but that has changed over time--the graphics are very polished and file size is not a constraint anymore.

The list is in order of when I found them.

[Updated: Aug 28, 2016]
Monlith by Andromeda Software Development
luma by mercury 
fr-041: debris by farbrausch
LifeForce by ASD 
Happiness is Around the Bend by ASD
1995 by Kewlers and mfx 
fr-025: the.popular.demo by farbrausch
fr-08: .the .product by farbrausch 

More to come.

Published: Aug 26, 2016

Link Dump 0011

Comedy & the Internet
- Computer humor (images).
- How dinosaurs evolved according to an ancient Chinese scripture (images).

- Alex Skrindo - Ease (music). 
- Savant - The Arcade 2013 (music).
- Voyage of Time on Imax (movie).

- Elon Musk answers fan questions (video).

Open Source Science
- NASA Unveils New Public Web Portal for Research Results (article).
- Microsoft's Channel 9 on Blockchain (video).

- Programming principles from the early days of id Software (article).
- Rust (a systems programming language).
- Smaller Go 1.7 Binaries (article).

Science Talks and Clips
- Can Paper Cut Wood? by John Heisz (video).
- The Illusion of Truth by Veritasium (video).

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