Link Dump 0022 - Philosophy, Politics, History

Comedy and the Internet 
- Adam Ruins Everything, Election Special (video).
- Why Doesn't the Queen of England Need a Passport (video).

- A Brilliant Young Mind (movie).
- Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought by Pascal Boyer (book).

- Glenn Beck on George Washington (video).
- Stefan Molyneux on The Truth About George Washington (video).

Leadership, Politics
- Adam Ruins Everything, Election Special (video).
- Marc Andreessen at Startup School SV 2016 (video).
- Michael Moore Explains why TRUMP won (video).
- Peter Thiel Speaks at the National Press Club (video).
- Rich Liberal YouTuber Condescendingly Tells You Who to Vote For (video).
- Sam Harris Debates Gad Saad on Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump (audio).
- The Rules for Rulers by CGP Grey (video).

Life, Living, and Death
- Daubert Standard, admissibility of expert testimony in US (article).
- How I do my Computing, by Richard Stallman (article).
- HyperNormalisation 2016 (video).
- Neil de Grasse Tyson on the afterlife (video).
- Pascal Boyer interview (video).
- Stephen Wolfram on How to Tell AIs What to Do (and What to Tell Them) (video).
- Why should you NOT have any Role Model by Neil deGrasse Tyson (video).

- Kristen Bell Accidentally Debunks the Wage Gap (video).
- Myke Tyson Gives Connor McGregor Some Financial Advice, Connor buys 25 Cars Instead (article).

Published: Nov 18, 2016

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