Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 - List of Complaints

Like all systems, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 is not perfect.  There are things that can be improved.  Below is a list of complaints that I currently have about the system.

Temperature Control 
[update: I found that the fan is not running, and therefore no cooling is taking place, click here for more info]

The system is thin and mostly quiet.  However, when we want to push the system to perform the result is heat.  The heat produced by the inner components transfers to the body of the Yoga 12.  Most notably onto the keyboard and especially on the area slightly past the keyboard right below the home button--if you touch this area you almost feel like you are burning your fingers (it really gets that hot).  When at home, and if you are pushing the system to perform, I recommend getting one of those laptop cooling pads.  Otherwise you are guaranteeing a shorter life on the system.

The fan is broken, so the above numbers are what a broken fan system will show. Ideal temperatures are usually less than 70 degrees Celsius.

This is the Yoga 12 with an external cooling fan blowing air into it.  It looks like I'll have to ship this unit for repairs.

 Perhaps this vent design is not enough to provide sufficient air flow--at least for when the device needs to perform intensive tasks.

The Screen and Bezel is Not Completely Flush

Even though the X230T is a bulky device the screen bezel was completely flushed.  The Yoga 12 has a raised bezel area on the side of the hinges--which can be somewhat annoying.  Resting your palm on this bump is not as pleasant as if it was flushed.  It's possible though to simply rotate the system and then the bump is out of the way.

Flexing in Bezel Area Near Windows Home Button

If you push the plastic near the home button you will see that it flexes quite a bit.  This is annoying because it shows possible structural weakness.  Over time, if you press it a lot and a bit too forcefully, it could break.

The Thin and Limited Digitizer

The thin digitizer is not comfortable to hold, and has a single near flushed side button (which is not easy to identify).  Something better would be thicker, and have two buttons.  In a way I understand why the pen is so thin, it must fit into the Yoga 12's already thin body.  For those interested in an alternative I suggest something like the Fujitsu LifeBook Digitizer.  So, while this pen is fine as an emergency digitizer it is unlikely to be a primary digitizer.

The Tiny Right Side Keyboard Buttons

Notice on the image above that the left side Fn, Ctrl, Windows, and Alt keys are nicely sized.  The same cannot be said about the right side keys.  The right side ones are smaller in comparison.  If you have thicker fingers then these keys are likely going to be harder to manipulate.  The X230T had better sized keys.  I think they could have moved the PrtSc button to serve as one of the action/function buttons, and then that would allow Alt and Ctrl to be closer to their appropriate size.  The directional keys are also quite tiny, which  could be improved in future versions of the system.

Published: Jun 14, 2015


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