Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 - Images of Internal Components

 The motherboard of the Yoga 12 along with lot's of neat and thin components.

 So, since a few days ago I posted a list of complaints about the Yoga 12.  I was mistaken on one issue: I stated that the temperature was way too hot.  After giving it some thought today I began to wonder whether there was something faulty with the tablet.  There was.

 Here we have a non-functioning fan.  The rise of temperatures that I have observed were simply because the device fan was not running at all.  The temperatures recorded on RealTemp showed an average of over 100 degrees Celsius--which is a very bad thing.  The ideal temperatures are below 70 degrees Celsius.

There are several ways of determining if the fan is not functioning.  The firsts way is to simply feel whether air is circulating, another way is through the bios, and a third is by monitoring temperatures with a program--I used RealTemp 3.70.

It looks like I'm going to have to send the system back to Lenovo for repairs.

 Next to the CPU fan we can observe two speakers.  These are much louder speakers than the Lenovo ThinkPad X230T.

 Here's the wifi card.  It is an Intel Dual Band 7265NGW.

 Close to one third of the Yoga 12's insides is the battery.  This is a Rechargeable Li-Polymer, nominal voltage of 14.8V and nominal capacity of 3.18Ah 47Wh.  The part number is 45N1704.

 The drive on this system can be replaced.

 The drive on my system is a Toshiba THNSFJ256GCSU.

The drive compartment without the drive.

Published: Jun 15, 2015


  1. Did they fix it? I think I have the same problem.

    1. It seems like they are going to fix it. I sent the device to Lenovo last week and I think they are working on it this week. We'll see.


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