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The majority of gadgets at stores are actually "old" technology. There are many companies building semi identical devices and few of those gadgets are really original. As we are consumers we may buy these mainstream devices, but as technology enthusiasts we may take the risks of being early adopters.  Because we jump into new devices early enough we can get ahead on something or we may just feel like we tossed money on useless stuff.  Below you will find several gadgets that can be of interest to early adopters.  Enjoy!

Eye Tribe Tracker

Every day we use our eyes to gain information and to navigate through life.  If technology is a tool that is made for the benefit of humanity then such tech should learn our habits and help us by reducing manual input.  It should in a way anticipate what we want the machine to do.  Eye tracking is not a new technology but it needs to be refined and develops may have to experiment and figure out where such thing can be useful.  Developers can preorder the Eye Tribe Tracker for about $100.

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Tobii EyeX

This is an upcoming device that will go against the Eye Tribe, the preorders are for about $200.  It may be even better than the Eye Tribe as it also tracks head movement.

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Emotiv EPOC

If I were to become disabled then something like the Emotiv EPOC could help me deal with more than just computers.  I could use my mind state to control an electric wheelchair!  It would be quite cool if I did not have to even type, voice recognition software can do this... but your privacy is gone... with emerging mind technologies like the Emotiv EPOC maybe we could just think in a complex way and the computers will have the capacity to do what we desire.  As an input mechanism this could be faster than keyboards.

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VR Simulator Prototype

The video above is filled with tech stuff that relates to simulating real actions into the realm of digital.  Of course, someone who is inputting stuff via these sensors should also feel things and something like the TN Games 3RD Space Gaming Vest will give you some feedback (ie if you get shot in the game you will get some feedback on where you got shot).

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Oculus Rift

It seems like gaming is a field that is constantly pushing technology forward.  A clear example of this advance is the graphics capabilities of computers--compare what a 2013 system can do vs a 1995 system.  PC monitors and TVs have had the same drastic advances.  However something that may be even more interesting than a 4K display is the Oculus Rift.  This device is in a category that is beyond what a TV can deliver.  This is a virtual reality headset that is primarily made for "3D immersive gaming."  It's going to be quite interesting to see what developers create with the possibilities of the Oculus Rift.  A developer kit can be ordered for about $300.

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Published: Nov 30, 2013

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