Soundmatters foxLv2 Platinum - Seamless Wired to Wireless

Gear:  Soundmatters foxLv2 Platinum, Avantree Saturn, Atomic 5-Way Splitter.

If you have researched the foxLv2 speaker then you know that it works both wired and wireless.  But something you may not be aware of is that you can have a "seamless wired to wireless" experience.  Often times I love the wired connection, because I have increased volume and higher audio fidelity, however sometimes I want to move around and have that audio follow me, which means going wireless.  If you pair an aptx transmitter with the foxLv2, and ensure a constant supply of power an audio then you can achieve that seamless wired to wireless experience.  Yes, the foxLv2 can switch from one to another seamlessly!

In order to keep a constant supply of power you will need to connect the transmitter and the foxLv2 to appropriate power supply.  To maintain constant audio supply you will have to use a stereo splitter.  Many audio transmitters have a battery saving feature which if audio is absent then the unit turns off, so you need to prevent that by maintaining a constant supply of audio (a stereo splitter will help).

Ensure that the Avantree Saturn, or other aptx transmitter, has a constant supply of power and audio.

Published: Jul 8, 2013

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