Soundmatters foxLO - Box Contents

Gear: Soundmatters foxLO, foxLv2 Platinum.

The Soundmatters foxL series are great little portable speakers.  By themselves they output impressive audio quality, but they are incomplete systems.  The gaps left by the foxL can be fulfilled by the foxLO.  In a few days I will post more details and even some audio samples.  But for now, you can view images and read some details regarding the box contents.


Front of the box.

Back of the box.

Contents coming out.

Stylish interior design.

Box contents: User guide, power adapter, audio cable, foxLO unit.

Audio cable.

Audio cable has two parts: normal 3.5mm, and a "Attenuation cable."

Power adapter.

Other side of power adapter.

User guide part 1.

User guide part 2.

User guide part 3.

User guide part 4.

FoxLO unit.  The corners have elastic pads attached (they can be removed).

Ports: audio out, audio in, level slider, on/off limiter, power on/off, power port, indicator light.

FoxLv2 Platinum and foxLO units.

Similar in length, but the foxLO is definitely bigger.

Method 1: Audio from source goes to foxLv2, and from foxLv2 to foxLO.
(there are a few tweaks that can be made in method 1)

Method 2: Audio from source goes into foxLO, and from FoxLO to foxLv2.

Published: Apr 15, 2013


  1. hi I would like to ask of your opinion on the foxLO subwoofer. I've watched the video on YouTube but can't really see much difference even with the subwoofer. as compared to a big jambox or soundlink, how would bass levels fair?

    1. I have not tested the Jambox and therefore do not know how it compares against it. Similarly, I have only heard the SoundLink once and that system seemed good, but I do not know how it compares against the foxLO.

    2. I have the FoxLO as well as the FoxL Platinum version.
      The FoxL is one of the best small portable speakers there is!
      But the FoxLO does not add much together with the FoxL to justify the cost.
      I use the FoxLO with a Nokia MD-4, and this is a great combination!
      Only problem is that the max output of bass from the FoxLO is quite limited, so to avoid uncontrolled rumble and "sparks" the volume must be strictly controlled and not too high!
      The FoxLO gives great low bass, the Nokia MD-4 gives superb treble and upper midst.
      Together they rock in an intimate close set up with my portable laptop.

  2. The build-quality of the FoxLO from have been commented on some other sites, not highly!
    I have had problems with mine because the Level-adjustment keeps cutting in and out, and now completely does not work unless you keep your finger on it!
    Trying to find a way to have my unit replaced, without loosing too much in costs.
    But as it is, I cannot recommend it.


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