Sony ECM-XYST1M - Box Contents and Images

Gear: Sony ECM-XYST1M, Sony HDR-PJ710V.

I chose to purchase a Sony ECM-XYST1M, which I will now promptly return.  Although my Sony HDR-PJ710V has an active shoe interface the ECM-XYST1M is slightly bigger than what my camera can accommodate.  The Microphone looks good though.  Below are images of the box contents and a few details.


Box right side.

Box back side.

All of the contents of the box.

User guides.

A soft pouch.

Cable to connect the mic to the camera.

Connector protector cap: helps stop dust from accumulating in the active shoe port.

The wind screen.

Left side of the mic: you can see the MIC out port, and the lock for securing the mic.

Back side of the mic.

Right side of the mic: norm and low cut switch.

The front of the mic.

Front side with microphones separated.

Active shoe interface.

My HDR-PJ710V has an active shoe interface port.

However, the ECM-XYST1M is larger than what the camera can take.

The active shoe in more detail.

Even if I modified the container, the pin count of the camera and the MIC do NOT match.

I'm sure that modern Sony cameras will be compatible with this microphone.  But since it's not compatible with my now outdated PJ-710V... well it's going back to the store.

Published: Apr 29, 2013

1 comment:

  1. The microphone is multi interface (ni), while you're camera is active interface (ai). It's two separate systems and they are incompatible. You need an active interface microphone.


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