Sony HDR-PJ710V - Multipod VCT-MP1

Gear: Sony Multipod VCT-MP1

For the past few years I have borrowed a few tripods, and have never owned one of my own. I detest accumulating things, and I have had two or three borrowed tripods before. When I saw the Sony Multipod VCT-MP1 I knew this would be the one to have. The VCT-MP1 has three configurations: tripod, mono-pod, and mini-pod. The video is an excellent overview, but I have additional details on the images below.

Video by Tiger


Box contents wrapped.

Box contents wrapped.

The carrying bag.

The bag can be expanded.

The bag fully expanded.

The VCT-MP1 with legs extended.

The legs set flat, this is as stable as it will get.

The VCT-MP1 in the bag.

The VCT-MP1 footprint vs regular tripod.

The Multipod height is comparable to many tripods.

The Multipod is not as stable when extended, tripods are more stable.  The Multipod would not be ideal for cameras with big lenses (like DSLRs)

Table configuration.

The bottom of the Multipod can be separated.

One major shortcoming is the lack of a handle.  Panning on the Multipod is painful, but the head can be replaced; I bought a Giottos MH 5011.

Published: Feb 27, 2013

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