Redesign of the Blog

I do not like redesigning this blog!

The first version of this blog was classic single column. The second version used a wider layout, which I used to display more content per page. Usually having text compliment a video on the side is a good idea, but the problem is that I have been using HTML tables with static widths and heights - which are very problematic.

Tables are harder to code and maintain, and Blogger sometimes confuses code within posts easily. If I'm going to continue blogging (yes I have considered stopping), I have to make it "easy" on me.

I'm not trying to appeal to a wider set of platforms, Windows dominates on this blog, but the main problem is the amount of time I spend coding and resizing tables in HTML/CSS in every post. Time is precious and I'm beginning to have a few gray hairs. ;)

When I complete college finals in December I will begin the process of redesigning and fixing close to 600 posts. The site will most likely go back to single column style, and support a mobile version. Hopefully, by the new year I will complete this task. It's going to require a lot of coffee!

The blog's look will be broken many times as I go through the redesign.

One last note; most of the posts which have led you to this blog related to technology products. While tech is something I use everyday, it's not the most important thing in life. Therefore, the content in the blog may begin to cover other things.

Also, I used to buy, create a post, and then sell gadgets to minimize expenses. Because the funds have increased I will attempt to retain gadgets and therefore will be able to answer questions more precisely. In a way, provide an alternative and better "customer support."

Videos will be 640 x 360, and be centered. Enjoy!

X-large Images

Published: Nov 18, 2012


  1. Visiting your page from an iPhone. When posting comments, as anonymous, the CAPTCHA does not always display the letters I have written.

    But overall, good job.

    1. That feature is built-in blogger, and I would rather have it off. However, disabling it guarantees plenty of spam comments. So, it will have to stay as it is for now. Thx for the comment.


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