JBA XView - Preview 3D Models (.x, .b3d, .3ds, .md2, .bsp)

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XView is a program that can preview 3D models.  The program supports: .x, .b3d, .3ds, .md2, and .bsp files.

When a hard drive crashed I lost the source code. Luckily I had the program saved on a server, so at least we got the program and some of the original files.

I recommend "associating files" so they open with XView. This program can speed up your development time because it's light and gets the job done faster than those "big programs". Just double click the file that you want to open and presto! your 3D model will be displayed.

Data.ini has some values that you should modify. Some of the values include the window's width and height, xy values, and many other parameters.

The program is free for you to download. If you want to share it, simply send your mates the link to this page. Enjoy!

Note: the program was coded around the time when I programmed for Solstar Games and their Realm Crafter MMO game creation engine. The dwarf model is from Psionic 3D.


Published: Aug 14, 2012

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