Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Tablet - 1080p HD Video Editing With Sony Vegas

Gear: X201T, Sony Vegas.

One of my main concerns with the X201T was about the capabilities. While it had a Core i7 it did not have discrete graphics, so if you do 1080p video editing it could be an issue. (Sandy Bridge line of Core i CPUs improved the GPU side btw)

The X201T can do HD video editing on it's own screen. When you attach an external monitor and add a 1920x1080 resolution + the X201T's 1280x800 then you have a lot of pixels to be rendered. The total amount of pixels rendered would be 3,097,600. The performance is not completely smooth, but the X201T can handle it.

Of course the touch + pen input adds a bit more to the possibilities. If you have the right software and pair it with your creativity you can make some very original stuff. Hand written notes and drawings add a bit more personality to your digital content.

The software that I have used for many years is Sony Vegas. It works quite well for minimal and elaborate editing, accepts and exports a lot of different file types. I like the software quite a bit.


Published: Mar 12, 2012

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