Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - On Screen Keyboard (OSK)

Windows 7 has two virtual keyboards. One of them is called TabTip, the other OSK. TabTip is the default virtual keyboard, and it's ok most of the time. OSK seems to be faster at doing word auto-suggestion. I wish TabTip had the same level of speediness as OSK.

If you are interested in testing OSK you can find it at:

Of course there are other virtual keyboards for Windows 7 which you can find via quick Google search.

You can also modify the side buttons to launch the virtual keyboard with Stephen Perrin's program.


Published: Mar 1, 2012


  1. I just installed Windows 8 on the S10-3t. Amazing performance compared to Win7. IE10 zooms in and out completely fluid and if you download free reader from store you can also fluid zoom in/out in pdf's.

    Still waiting for Lenovo Yoga for proper resolution but in meantime this works ok.

    1. I heard Win 8 takes close to 20GB of storage space, it's gotta be all that media that they included. I'm tempted on downloading and installing it on my Fujitsu T580.

      The Yoga is very interesting. I would love it if they had pen input support.


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