Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T - Windows 7 Flicks (Basic And Advanced)

[Flicks are a Windows 7 Home Premium and above feature]

Basic Flicks

Flicks are neat touch gestures that allow you to do a few things quickly in Windows 7. I have used Flicks on almost every tablet that I have used.

Default flicks.

Navigational flicks enabled.

Each one of these flicks can be customized. For the details check:
Microsoft - What are pen flicks?

Advanced Flicks

I like the basic flicks, but I like editing them to suit my needs.

Some of my current flicks:
  • Up - Maximize Window (F11)
  • Up/Right - 3D Flip (Ctrl+Win+Tab)
  • Right - Back
  • Down/Right - Cycle Tabs (Ctrl+Tab)
  • Down - Taskbar (Win+B)
  • Down/Left - Copy
  • Left - Forward
  • Up/Left - Paste

I wish flicks adjusted to the currently running program, but for now we have to settle for flicks that don't adjust.

One way of launching programs through flicks is by adding a shortcut to the desktop, add a key shortcut to them, and then edit a flick with the same key combination.

Some ideas:
Launching a virtual keyboard with a flick
  • Very commonly used programs, websites, explorer, files, etc.
  • Try Ctrl+Alt+Tab instead of the normal Alt+Tab
  • Launching Windows Mobility Center or Lenovo Simpletab

More shortcuts at:

If you disable flicks you can achieve a smoother experience, if you don't need them then disable them.


Published: Feb 27, 2012


  1. What software do you use to toggle the visibility of the Taskbar? Win+B defaults to moving focus to the first icon in the Notification Area.

    Ed E.

    1. If I remember correctly. I set the Taskbar to autohide, then I moved it to the right side, and all it needs is a tiny touch from your thumb (it's almost a "rolling" motion from the bezel onto the screen). Or something like that.

    2. The autohide setting was the clue which I needed. Works perfectly on my X201t (my X230t is due next week). Part of my confusion was that I expected the downward flick (Win+B) to both show and hide the Toolbar, but the Win+B only shows the Toolbar. To hide the Toolbar, I just needed to tap anywhere other than the Toolbar and autohide hides it. Doh!

      And the tip about the short rolling flick (not a true Flick) from the bezel also works great with touch. With the stylus, hovering (rather than clicking) over the line representing the hidden Taskbar seems to work best.

      Thanks so much for you reply and for the rest of your tips.



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