It Is Time For Time Management!

Probably one of the worst things I have done in the past few years is losing track of time.

Part 1
I plan posts which require ordering/selling products, test products, create outline with stuff I want to say during videos, make and edit videos, upload them, write the post (dealing with HTML), and then publish the final product. (and the corrections that occur after the publishing!)

Part 2
Sell or return the product to reduce expenses.  Sometimes this requires waiting for eBay auctions, packaging  stuff, and so on.

Part 3
Since I decided to post and share this information I do get questions  from viewers/users/visitors.  When I write a post I assure myself answering never ending questions through emails and comments. Surprisingly and after close to two years I still answer questions regarding the Lenovo S10-3T. (look at the comments regarding ViDock [1, 2]. As of today I have received about 12,000 emails regarding products. It's a lot of work, but I have fun with it.

All of these things require something that I am constantly losing, and that is "time". From now on I will publish at the bottom of each one of my works how much time I spent doing something. Maybe with this move I and others will see the value of things we are doing. Time is money, but it's also spent life.

The movie In Time has a very interesting concept.  Maybe doing the simple change of tracking time will make me do things a bit quicker. ;-)  


Published: Feb 16, 2012

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