Dingoo Digital A320, JXD F3000, JXD5000 - Battery Life

Gear: JXD S7100, JXD5000, Dingoo Digital A320, JXD F3000.

Since I have all three of these portable devices I decided to conduct a few battery tests to see which one would last longer. As a handheld gaming device battery run times is very important.

During these tests each system was fully charged and played a Game Boy Advance game until the system turned off. GBA games usually are not too intensive so they do not drain the battery life as quickly as other games (Arcade ones would be more intensive). Each system had slightly different settings (brightness, volume level), but it should give you an idea of what you may expect.

JXD F3000

Run time GBA game: 4 hrs 40 mn
Brightness: 3/5 (it goes from 0 to 5, so 3/5 is 50%)
Speakers: 50%
Battery mAh: 1800
Advertised run time: 6 hrs (video)

The F3000 does well. I can speculate that lowering the brightness level would allow it to go up to 5 hrs 30 mn, or maybe even hit the 6 hrs advertised. Lowering the brightness level from 3 to 0 is noticeable, but increasing the brightness from 3 to 5 isn't.


Run time GBA game: 5 hrs 7 mn
Run time on intensive game: 4 hrs
Brightness: 3/5 (goes from 1 to 5, so 3/5 is 60%)
Speakers: 50%
Battery mAh: 2500
Advertised run time: 6 hrs video/game

The JXD500 has a 5 inch screen, louder speakers, and a higher capacity battery. I expected the system to not last as long as the F3000 but I was wrong. The JXD5000 got 5 hrs 7 mn which is very impressive. Increasing and lowering the brightness level is not very noticeable, so decreasing it wouldn't change the run time by that much.

Dingoo Digital A320

Run time GBA game: 8 hrs 12 mn
Brightness: 4/5 (goes from 01 to 05, so 4/5 is 80%)
Speakers: 15/30 (50%)
Battery mAh: 1700-1800
Advertised run time: 7 hrs

The small Dingoo has similar mAh as the bigger JXD F3000, but the screen is way smaller ( 2.8" vs 4.3"). The screen and maybe even the speakers consume less power and because of that the system lasts so much longer. At 8 hrs 12 this is very impressive. Increasing and lowering the brightness level is noticeable. Lowering the brightness level on the Dingoo A320 could increase the run time by quite a bit (maybe it could do 9 hrs!). If I had a long car trip the Dingoo Digital A320 would be my choice.

Final Note

All of these portable emulators are rechargeable through USB. I prefer charging through USB because then I don't need another power adapter. I'm sure the big handheld companies will probably ship their systems with their propietary power adapter, which is:

  • A. One more thing to carry around.
  • B. May be a good $10 to $20 for official replacement.

With USB I can charge these devices through my laptop, which I like a lot. :)

Published: Jan 2, 2012

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