Samsung Series 7 Slate - Twitter And Social Dashboard Apps

Twitter App

To make a video or not to make a video... sometimes it's just not worth doing them.

With the Twitter App you can do everything you do in the browser version with the added benefit of touch friendliness. That's it.

Can be downloaded:

Installed to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Play Touch\Twitter\

Social Dashboard App

This app combines Facebook and Twitter and let's you communicate with your friends. You can add friend profiles to your wall. When you click on a friend's profile image you can view the latest updates If you click on a profile image you can view their latest messages . From this app you can update your status on Facebook and Twitter.

There's no chat options in Social Dashboard.

Frankly Twitter and Social Dashboard Apps are very simple, they really don't bring anything we haven't seen before. For the "social power user" there are other options such as TweetDeck, and about a gazillion other apps that will get the job done. Of course they are not as touch friendly, but they are highly effective.

Published: Dec 6, 2011


  1. social dashboard is platform agnostic, allowing you to plug in any data from Socialbakers Analytics (Facebook, Facebook Ads, YouTube, and Twitter), as well as the other tools you might use, such as Google Analytics, Omniture, and many others. In fact, Social Dashboard can plug in and measure just about anything with an API, cataloguing results based on your requirements.

  2. We are thrilled to announce our new solution for your social media strategies, the social dashboard . This solution utilizes a simple plug-in based tool that integrates within each company’s moni­toring efforts to help them launch their own measurement framework.


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