Samsung Series 7 Slate - Reaching 2.3 GHz CPU Speeds

Gear: Samsung Series 7 Slate.

So you got yourself that cool Samsung Series 7 Slate and have wanted to show the powers of that Intel Core i5-2467M CPU which goes up to 2.3 GHz! It is only when you run CPU-Z that you end up realizing that it won't go over 1800 MHz. You curse and swear and yell at Samsung because THEY LIED to you!!!

Well... no. Samsung did have an early BIOS that limited the capabilities of the Series 7 Slate. As a matter fact they realized it too and released a new BIOS update to fix the problem. The BIOS has the letters of 06FD. Now it's up to you to download and install it.

To get the new BIOS open Easy Software Manager, go to Update, and then click on Driver. You should see the new BIOS update ready for you to download and install. Make sure that you have your power adapter connected, and don't have any important programs running. The update will require a reboot of the system.

When your system boots up the system will now be capable of speeds of up to 2.3 GHz (power cable must be connected). I guess you won't need that liquid nitrogen anymore. ;-)

Thanks to Saloei and Tim for bringing this to my attention. I probably would have done nothing if I didn't know.

If Easy Software Manager gives you problems.

When you run Easy Software Manager the first time it may ask you to update to a new version. When it updates it may delete itself and therefore you won't be able to run it and update the BIOS.  I had a good 5 minute video rant prepared for this... but after cooling down decided not to post the amount of failures it took to figure out the right formula.  So... I present you the method that works.

Easy Software Manager Fix:
  • Uninstall Easy Software Manager
    • Hit Windows key and type "uninstall a program" (open it)
    • Find Easy Software Manager and uninstall it
  • Reinstall Easy Software Manager
    • Go to Samsung's Support Page and download Easy Software Manager (or click here)
    • Open the .zip file and start the installer (make sure to right click and "Run as administrator)
  • Update Easy Software Manager
    • Hit Windows key and type "easy software manager"
    • Open the newly installed Easy Software Manager 
    • It will alert you that there's a new  updated version, click OK once (do not click again until it's done)
    • (if a software wizard appears just follow along, until it's complete)
  • Open Easy Software Manager
    • You can now install your updates.

To get the new BIOS you must use the Easy Software Manager. (links with BIOS versions below)  Samsung does not link the BIOS updates on their website on a nice page... so you may have to use the Easy Software Manager.

Hopefully your Easy Software Manager doesn't have problems. As you can see it can be quite a bit of work to get it working again. Sayonara!

The Alternative Method:

Samsung does not list their BIOS versions on any website (as far as I know). For that reason we must investigate the Easy Software Manager program and inspect XML files which contain the download URLs and info.

The data can be found at:
C:\ProgramData\Samsung\Easy Software Manager\

After reading some of the XML files I managed to find 04FW. I also found a mention of 06FD, but the download URL pointed to the 04FW file. So downloading "06FD" would have given me 04FW. The good thing is that I managed to find the download URL of at least one of the files. With this info you can "guess" and find files by changing 1s into 2s. I present to you several BIOS versions, even newer than 06FD.


BIOS Versions:

Currently I'm using 05FW and it seems stable.

Published: Dec 3, 2011


  1. Awesome, thank you very much :)

  2. I opened easy software manager and there is no bios update. and I download the standalone dios update software from samsung support and run it.
    It shows the newest bios is 04FW which is what I have now. Any idea how to get the 06FD? Thanks.

  3. Me too. my s7s cannot find any bios update. Any idea how to get the 06FD?

  4. Well if you want 06FD or even newer you can check the newly posted links above. Enjoy!

  5. Don't you see any problem at your s7s by using this program? Running is at my own risk, but I want to have a look at your case.

  6. I'm running 05FW and so far no problems.

  7. awesome.. but

    when 04FW click shows that WIN_06FD.EXE
    also when 06FD click shows that WIN_04FW.EXE

    thus link might be change each other..

  8. every time I try to install these it says my bios is a newer version and it refuses to install. How can I downgrade?

  9. cggart,
    If you are getting the 2.3 GHz then you don't need to install other firmware. The firmware installer is programmed to allow new versions, and not older ones. I'm sure there are ways of forcing a downgrade, but I wouldn't do it.

    I recommend downloading CPU-Z to check your numbers. If you get 2.3 GHz when connected to power then that's all you need.

  10. Hey man thanks for the response but I am capped at 1.6 it wont go any higher even after the update :( (so says cpuz)

  11. cggart,
    That's too bad and a bit weird. Do you know which firmware version do you have?

  12. cggart,
    i've got the same problem, have you fix it ?

  13. Hey Jesse where does the 07FW update stand in all of this. I tried using CPU-Z to test out my core speed with the 07FW update and it doesn't move from 798.3. Please help

    1. Dario
      Go to Samsung's Support Page , They have a firmware update 08FW . Jesse Gave you the link above

    2. Drivers and downloads page:

  14. Dario,
    I'm not sure what 07FW does since I don't have the Series 7 Slate anymore.

  15. Really random... I'm hopig you can help. I'd like to download a bunch of old BIOSs since I think Windows 10 pinch/zoom doesn't work with the newer BIOSs. The links to the BIOSs you have above don't work (404's)). Would you happen to have them around somewhere?


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