Samsung Series 7 Slate - Where's The App Store?

Gear: Samsung Series 7 Slate.

For those wondering where you can get some "touch friendly" applications for your Series 7 Slate... well there's a lot of places. Any Windows software/program/app can be added to the Touch Launcher.

Samsung does have an Android "App Store". It seems like they are intending to make one for PCs.

There are many "app stores" around for Windows:

Not all apps are "touch friendly" but there are plenty of them.

With a browser that supports HTML 5 we have access to a lot of "web apps".

With a Windows tablet there are unlimited possibilities. You can also run Android, iOS, and BlackBerry Tablet emulators. Doing a few searches like "Android Honeycomb emulator for PC" will give you plenty of results. With these emulators you should be able to play many or all apps.

Amazon has something called "Test Drive" in which you can play (NOT own) with Android Apps right from a browser.

Hopefully that's more than enough "Apps". ;-)

Thanks to Tobi for getting my brain working.

Published: Nov 30, 2011


  1. Hey Jesse,

    great answer! - thx! ;)

    I will definetely check them out ;)


  2. No problemo. It was your idea anyways. ;-)

  3. If Samsung's just STARTING to work on an app store it's doomed to fail.

    Windows 8's app store will eclipse any hardware-specific app store once W8 is release.

  4. Well Samsung has had an app store for their mobile phones for a while now. Their PC app store hasn't been released, so yes they are in trouble.

    I still haven't tried Windows 8 but it looks good. Microsoft is working on their app store and trying to lure developers into making apps. I bet there will be plenty of apps when Windows 8 gets the official release.

    1. Hey Jesse, I just got the slate today. I really like it - i needed a tablet for drawing diagrams in my notes for my lectures and this one is great.

      I have had one issue though, and I was wondering if you have encountered it or perhaps know a fix.
      When I am using Samsung's Play Touch Photos app, every time I click on a photo or the settings button it crashes... which is not a huge issue but it is annoying that I cant use a full-screen tablet-optimised photo viewing program.

      Thanks for all your videos/articles, they were really helpful & informative :)

    2. I can see why a program would crash when you click on an image, but not the settings button.

      Programs sometimes crash because they attempt to access a file that is no longer there. It is like "trying to get" a cookie from a cookie jar because we "think" there are cookies there, but in reality there are no cookies; Our hands still trying to get the delicious stuff but simply cannot. Then our brain goes into crazy mode because we still want cookies! ;) I am not sure if that makes too much sense.

      To fix the problem you may need to delete the indexing file (the thing that makes the program think there are cookies/images there). I am not exactly sure where this file is located. Another fix is to update the Photos app through the Easy Software Manager program; Hopefully the update removes the bad indexed file and then makes a new one that works. (4m)

  5. Out of the box I performed a fresh install of Windows 7. I installed the drivers, easy settings, and play touch launcher. How do I install the rest of the apps that reside in the play touch launcher? Is it with Easy Software Manager? When I go to install that I get the error "model not supported." Any suggestions?

    1. The other apps are not easy to download and install. You would have to extract the information from the XML files found in "C:\ProgramData\Samsung\Easy Software Manager\"


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